AndroPlatina Utilities aims to bring root toolkit to all devices

“One ring to rule them all,” displayed the infamous ring from JR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. That’s what can be used to describe the AndroPlatina Utilities toolkit, a program aimed to provide one-click root functions for all (or many) Android devices.

The toolkit only supports a few features right now, but the developer is working to add more over time. It’ll be a time-consuming affair considering the sheer amount of devices out right now, and there’s no guarantee that every device will eventually be supported equally.

In short, this is a very ambitious project and it’s one we hope takes off like the developer, varun.chitre15 on XDA, expects it to. Get a list of the current features below, and head to this XDA link for downloads, instructions, and a list on what is still looking to be added.

This Utility has following Features-
1. Recovery Flasher
2. Any device unrooter
3. Bootanimation changer
4. Fastboot flasher
5. Recovery tools- 65% done in v1.3.0
6. Kitchen tools-15% done in v1.3.0

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  • saynotopunx

    Making root easier and more accessible is definitely a plus to me.

  • Jose Andino

    I love how the development community is working to help even the average joe to root their devices to keep them up to date since the manufacturers and carriers pretty much don’t care about the average people who buy the lower end phones only to be let down by them. Also I still say it to this day. The development community puts Google engineers to shame on what they have achieved.