SwiftKey 3 update brings Jelly Bean support


As Jelly Bean gets into the hands of more and more users developers are seeing fit to update their apps to be compatible. The latest is SwiftKey 3, the popular after-market keyboard which brings supreme text correction and prediction with innovative features.

More than being compatible with Jelly Bean, SwiftKey fixes an issue for predictions not appearing in popups, UI fixes, and more miscellaneous bug fixes. As always the Google Play Store has the goods you’re looking for.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Did they add stock Google Voice input yet? Until they do, I refuse to use my paid keyboard lol

    1. The stock voice input keeps me away from swiftkey as well, even though it’s a great keyboard.

  2. With the newly improved Android 4.1 keyboard… there is no longer a need for the swiftkey keyboard in my opinion. the quick microphone for speech to text works awesomely.

    1. Agreed. When the last release of Swiftkey went nuts on me a few days ago (I use 4.1.1) … I decided to give the stock a try. It’s damn good.

    2. Considering the android keyboard only support very few languish, and mine isn’t one of them, I would say there is still a lot of need for swiftkey.

    3. I’ve tried both and I would say that Swiftkey still kicks the stock keyboard’s butt in terms of autocorrection.

  3. Once you go Stock keyboard, you won’t go back!! I loved swiftkey before Jelly Bean, now that Jelly Bean is here I uninstalled it.

  4. I was a huge swiftkey fan until the most recent upgrade of Swype. their prediction got just as good and you can tap or Swype. their voice to text works well too.
    I’m using aokp so I don’t know what the jb keyboard is like.

  5. I love me some Swiftkey. I’m not sure how any JB keyboard will beat it, but I probably have some time to before my LG G2x gets to see it, unless it’s thru a custom ROM.

  6. Swift Key still will not play nice with Chrome causing words to repeat and erratic behavior while typing. It is unusable until they get that fixed.

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