Global Galaxy S II owners receiving update to Android 4.0.4

The international Samsung Galaxy S II is no stranger to Ice Cream Sandwich. The update became available a few months back in areas around the globe, but, given its development timeline, was based on an older version of the ICS framework, Android 4.0.3. Now an update is rolling out to bring the Galaxy S II in line with the latest version of Ice Cream Sandwich.

Users in Russia are reportedly receiving Android 4.0.4. The update is arriving over the air but is also available directly from Samsung’s Kies software. Galaxy S II owners in other regions outside the US should receive the update over the coming weeks.

[via SamMobile]

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  • MG83

    Sprint /facepalm

  • King Louie

    Still waiting on sprint…

  • Michael Thompson

    In Russia…update finds YOU!
    Yeah I know…sorry.

  • Wesley

    Hopefully it comes to the Note as well. 4.0.3’s battery life is terrible.

  • ren

    Sprint is just overall terribly SLOW

  • fucksprint

    Wow sprint fuckin blows the only gs2 not to have ics glad im gettin the g nex in a week and dumping sprint

  • Supa

    Wow -__- sprint blows, gargles the gravy and swallows.

  • Dan Moor

    um guys, sprint is not the only one. i have a sgsg2 skyrocket…and im still running gingerbread. just sayin

    • MG83

      You’re getting it now.

    • bmg314

      You were saying? ;-)

  • Abhi Sawant

    nothing yet in india.. just checked on kies & on ota

  • tony shark

    Skyrocket count?

  • gary

    Dont upgrade. I strongly encourage you not to do it. Horrible battery life. No adobe flash support.

  • linli574