LG to premier quad-core L9 chipset with September smartphone launch


It’s no secret LG has been quietly building a quad-core processing platform of their own, but new rumors hint that we could get our first taste of what the Korean tech maker is cooking come September. Little is known about the new chipset other than its ARM architecture, but even then we are left wondering exactly what we will get. LG has licenses for both the older Cortex-A9 and the latest Cortex-A15 processing architectures, but it is unknown upon which LG is basing their plans. Perhaps the name of their in-house CPU provides a hint. Dubbed L9, the number designation suggests an A9 base, but we can’t say for sure.

What is known is that the system-on-a-chip will be coupled with a high-motor GPU and implanted in an upcoming LG handset to launch this September. The phone is said to feature an HD IPS display similar to that found in the Optimus 4X HD and a camera rated at 10MP or higher. Other details are not surprisingly scant.

[via GSMArena]

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  1. If LG wants to become a powerful competitor it better be based off the A15 and be smaller than 40nm… I absolutely loath my G2x, some days I wish it would overheat and iBomb just so I can get something not so laggy, and poorly built. – Just had to vent

  2. My experience is that LG=Weak.
    So bring it…I guess.

  3. When are they releasing the G4X here in the state?

  4. If it comes as a G4X then i would get iff my GS2 for it.

  5. LG had better support LTE in their new chip; it’s boring having only the S4 here in the US.

  6. Sorry it must be a rumor.

  7. LG really needs to find their own niche, because they can’t out manufacture Samsung or HTC at the high end smartphone game and they don’t have the tit of Google to suck on like Motorola does. Maybe they should just try to be the kings of budget android devices and just sell low-spec but quality software phones and keep up their manufacturing base to make parts for the real players in the market.

  8. Lg phones suck! love their washer and dryers though!!

  9. How LG conducted the G2x updates has left me disgusted. It took us over a YEAR to get a baseband that doesnt have the data drops and a working GPS. We were suppose to get ICS Q1 of 2012, then Q2 of 2012, and now its Q3 of 2012. The whole not releasing drivers for the o2x/g2x has left many of us disgusted for custom roms and the such. I will say that i love my screen on my g2x. LG is known for their NOVA displays. Hardware wise the O2X/G2X is great. Software wise, not so much. All these battles with Nvidia and LG about not releasing source is a pain. Unless LG decides to start releasing code and becoming more open with developers, this will be the LAST LG phone i ever buy.

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