Samsung releases source code for Verizon’s Galaxy S3


With the source code already available for the AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint versions of the Samsung Galaxy S3, it was only a matter of time before we got our hands on the same for Verizon’s. Samsung has updated its open source code bank with the kernel files for VZW’s Galaxy S3, model number SCH-I535. There has been some concern that development on the Verizon version of the device might be stunted due to the presence of a locked bootloader. A work around is apparently in place, however, and the availability of the code should go a long way in bolstering the efforts of custom ROM developers.

[Samsung via AndroidPolice]

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  1. will this allow a full cyanogen to work, or is the bootloader still an issue?

    1. It’s sort of an issue. Apparently, some devs have kexec working so we can bypass the bootloader issues. That isn’t the permanent fix, but there is a $750 (and increasing) bounty to the first dev/team to fully unlock the thing. I’m pretty sure it is only a matter of time.

  2. Hey look how many times the Verizon Nexus got updated so far and its a developer phone..I’m sure this one will be just as good if not better..
    Yea Verizon.

  3. What?……..out of date? Months ago? What planet are you from? It was released internationally right around the beginning of June (maybe last few days in May, I forget). I guess May would technically be “months” but be real. This is pretty good seeing how the U.S varient is different than the international one. That and U.S. carriers had to add their bloat…..oh and Verizon had to lock the bootloader.

    1. In the tech world, months are considered years.

      1. months as in 6 or so……not 1 and 9 days.

    2. He’s from “Mr. CoolKid That’s Sooooo Yesterday’s News” Planet.

  4. The S3 is hardly outta date after a month and change. The only phones on the horizon that have a chance of surpassing the S3 are the rumored new Nexus’ in November.

  5. I know you all will think I’m crazy but I hope there will be an HTC sense rom and aokp.

    1. I’m pretty sure HTC framework cannot be ported to Samsung

  6. Pussies don’t getting pussy! Got my white 32g verizon s3 thursday, had It Rooted by saturday night. Thanks to Rootwiki. Took me 10 mins of reading and 8 mins of flashing. Now i got seenshoot options, free wifi tether, and best of all no bloat. Best phone avalible right Now, dont be scared, u scared?

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