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MightyText lets you send and receive your phone’s text messages from any browser


This service has been available in Beta as a Chrome extension for some time, but ex-Googlers Maneesh Arora and Amit Sangani have just announced a new web app that will sync with MightyText from any browser. If you have not heard of it, MightyText is a new service that syncs your smartphone’s SMS and MMS messages directly to the cloud. The interface then allows you to send and receive your phone’s messages from any browser.

One simply needs to download the MightyText app from the Google Play Store and sync messages and contacts with MightyText’s servers. After that, one is ready to use the web app to text anyone from any device with a browser.

You are probably thinking of Google Voice as you read this, and that is because the concept is somewhat similar. I have been texting all my friends and family from any browser for a long time. But MightyText offers the benefit of avoiding a new phone number, unlike Google Voice. MightyText basically allows you to remote-control your smartphone.

Google Voice saves me money, as I no longer have to get a messaging plan. But many of you have unlimited texting included in your plans, making MightyText a much more enticing product. Not to mention that Google Voice does not yet have full support for MMS.

You can text away from the office, the classroom and even during meetings. But what do you guys say? Will you keep using Google Voice like me, or will you move on to MightyText?

[Source: MightyText Via: Android and Me]

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  1. I use google voice with my sprint phone, my GV number is one and the same with my 10 year old sprint number. Also, MMS messages always come through fine to my phone. Haven’t yet tried to do an MMS on google voice though.

  2. Works as expected. Only minus is that it doesn’t seem to sync with GoSMS Pro to mark messages as read after reading/responding on the computer. I’m not tied to GoSMS Pro, but I do like notifications to be cleared if the notification is no longer valid (see Gmail as an example).

  3. I fail to see how this is any better than google voice.

    1. Because you can text from your own number rather than GV.

      1. My google voice number IS my number.

        1. Because not everyone can do that, like myself, and all of the other Verizon Wireless subscribers.

          1. I am a Verizon user.

        2. I’m sorry but if you fail to see how it is better than GV for other users besides your specific scenario, then your mind is incapable of processing simple things.

          1. Nice character assassination attempt… /golfclap

        3. How? Only sprint allows their users to program their phone numbers into GV numbers.

    2. The majority of the world cannot use Google Voice so these apps are great alternatives.

    3. Because it supports MMS where Google Voice does not

    4. Because if you’re not in America then Google Voice is unavailable? There are other markets.

    5. MMS, worldwide usage, allows you to use your regular number if your carrier doesn’t allow GV integration.

  4. never learned how to use GV. never knew anything about it

  5. Port your number to google voice and use their chrome extension the next time your contract is up. You don’t have to worry about battery life or if your phone is on and in range.

  6. I’ve been using Desksms for a while. I prefer it to mightytext.

    1. This.

  7. Google Voice is not available to the entire planet :D

    1. You mean, there are countries outside of America? O_o

      1. I don’t think so.

  8. I prefer DeskSMS over this.

    1. How much does it cost per month??

    2. DeskSMS was okay. Tried it but didn’t love it. Also, DeskSMS isn’t free.

  9. meh…I don’t text that often….once or twice a month…..whatsapp is where its at….sadly, because I hoped people would use Google Talk more.
    Google Talk, while inferior as a messaging app, has one of the biggest advantages a messaging app can have…..Typing from your keyboard in conversations and standing up, walking away while continueing the same convo on your phone.


  10. I had this for a long time but then it just quit working. Anyway, I use airdroid now and it’s pretty much cancelled out the need for this. I understand it’s a different service but with text message limits not being an issue for me Airdroid works just fine. Maybe i’ll try to download this again and see if it works this time around because it stopped working months ago.

  11. I wonder how this will impact me. I already send around 24,000 texts per month. This will probably just up my number of texts.

    Anyway, I’m probably going to keep using Google Voice when on my browser.

    1. 24,000 texts per month
      800 per day
      supposing you sleep 7 hours a day, that leaves you 17 hours for work and various other activities…
      47 texts per hour. Every hour of every day for 17 hours you are sending out just under 1 text per minute.

      1. He’s a busy guy :)

        1. For reals!

      2. Yes really.
        While half the people I text don’t bring me anything productive, I admit I’m addicted to texting. But then again, I’m a teenager so that’s to be expected.


        1. Wow! That is some seriously texting!

  12. What I’m most curious about is why I really need to text on something other than my phone? If I need to pass along something so long-winded that it would require a full sized keyboard to complete expediently, I would either call that person, or send them an email.

    1. It’s perfect for me, as I don’t like to talk on the phone and I can’t have a cell phone in my place of work. I use google voice right now but it’ll be nice to not miss a text on my main number while I’m at work too.

      Sweet avatar btw

  13. I’ll be using both Google Voice and MightyText for different contacts in my phone. I absolutely love the idea of being able to take notes on my laptop during lecture halls and being able to text quickly through my computer if it needs to be done quickly through my carrier phone number as opposed to the new number I was given for Google Voice.

  14. I have google voice but I’m gonna use this too if it works well since I can’t have my phone at work.

  15. This is the most reliable web text ive ever used. The UI is extremely simplistic but it does the job. Really like how it pops up on the desktop even when Chrome is minimized.

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