Jun 19th, 2012

This service has been available in Beta as a Chrome extension for some time, but ex-Googlers Maneesh Arora and Amit Sangani have just announced a new web app that will sync with MightyText from any browser. If you have not heard of it, MightyText is a new service that syncs your smartphone’s SMS and MMS messages directly to the cloud. The interface then allows you to send and receive your phone’s messages from any browser.

One simply needs to download the MightyText app from the Google Play Store and sync messages and contacts with MightyText’s servers. After that, one is ready to use the web app to text anyone from any device with a browser.

You are probably thinking of Google Voice as you read this, and that is because the concept is somewhat similar. I have been texting all my friends and family from any browser for a long time. But MightyText offers the benefit of avoiding a new phone number, unlike Google Voice. MightyText basically allows you to remote-control your smartphone.

Google Voice saves me money, as I no longer have to get a messaging plan. But many of you have unlimited texting included in your plans, making MightyText a much more enticing product. Not to mention that Google Voice does not yet have full support for MMS.

You can text away from the office, the classroom and even during meetings. But what do you guys say? Will you keep using Google Voice like me, or will you move on to MightyText?

[Source: MightyText Via: Android and Me]