Amazon To Begin Selling Ad Space On Kindle Fire’s Welcome Screen For $600,000

In a move I would have expected to see Google jump on first, it looks like the other Google (Amazon) is attempting to make back some of that money they’re losing on every Kindle Fire sold by selling “prime” location ad space on their 7-inch tablets. For a measly $600,000, you too can advertise your latest rap album, product, or service, directly from the Kindle Fire’s welcome screen. The half a mil reportedly gets you 2 full months of ad time, with your ad showing up on every boot, adding to the “sponsored screensaver” ads that appear whenever the device shuts down.

There are a few complications, however. Advertisers aren’t completely sold on this new opportunity, and Amazon isn’t quite sure how they’re going to implement this new… “feature.” Apparently, they are still undecided if they will add it to current Kindle Fires, or just in future ad-supported models. There’s also the potential of upsetting current customers who wouldn’t exactly be pleased to find ads popping up out of nowhere on their once ad-free device.

What do you guys think? Would having ads pop up on your tablet justify a heavily discounted tablet? Think Google should implement something similar to drive down the price on their rumored $250 quad-core tabbie?

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  • Powsniffer0110

    Lol.Chris chaves…

    • Chris Chavez

      Sup, bruh O_o

  • PeterG

    As long as it’s only on boot up and no where else, I probably wouldn’t mind in exchange for a discounted price. After all, I tend to ignore the boot up screen when I’m powering a device anyway.

  • Caffiend

    Wouldn’t a Kindle with ad’s be called a magazine? Oh, wait…

  • VinMessina

    I said it once and I’ll say it again: “pay me the $600,000 and I will go to every Kindle Fire owners home and personally advertise your product for you. I’m not kidding.”

  • Guest

    Who cares about Kindle? The only reason they sold so many units was because they were cheap. Just release a Prime-like service in the Play Store, bring Magazines and TV Shows already, then go buy eBay, and what does Amazon have? Shiiiiiitt.

  • Montisaquadeis

    Be real easy to remove said ads by using a different rom such as CM7/9 for example

  • Wolf0491

    Does every boot up mean when I turn device on from complete power off or just waking it from sleep. This could completely change my opinion.

  • Layman76

    You’ll use any excuse to post that pic, won’t you Chris? :D

    • ATBvsBFZ

      So… um, is that a romance novel you’re reading? Gotcha.

    • Chris Chavez

      Notice, she’s not even holding a Kindle Fire.. O_o

  • Giles Peach

    For 600k I am sure it would be instrusive and annoying, otherwise which advertisers would bother.
    Besides, as I read my book on a bus, train, or plane; I can’t help but feel my IQ is higher than those using a kindle or similar.
    Now if you will excuse me, I have a Tap Dragon that needs hatching.

  • fourthletter

    The other Google ? The ones that sell retail items and don’t do search – so a completely different company with a completely different business model.

    • jawman


  • Paraschiv Adrian

    why should i read any other news on this site when you just hit copy paste fro ATB

    • Chris Chavez

      What’s ATB?

  • Go Hawkeyes

    Even more reason to use a custom ROM.

    • aeok18109

      cm9 what

  • godrilla

    Ads using up precious data too boo

  • InspectorGadget80

    The only thing I see that’s on FIRE is the hot girl in the bikini

  • Lionel wyatt

    I love kindle fire
    ….. I trade stocks on it any where I go… I use to say that the iphone is the ish.

  • Yosepi

    I’d rather there not be ads on the welcome screen. I like the Kindle just the way it is. Got it at amazon for a killer price too