This LG Phone is the Galaxy Nexus, According to Sprint’s Mobile Site

I’m not sure if this is a training issue or something, but someone really needs to double check these sort of things. At least the desktop site is OK… [Sprint Mobile, thanks Mika!]

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  • Kam Siu

    no wonder they paid billions for the iphone! they’re a bunch of idiots

    • Samsung_Apple_Fan


  • Mitchel White

    it as fixed :(

  • Schaefster809

    That’s the LG Viper

  • David Thornton Snr

    Samsung emblaized  on the back!

  • ColtonWalker

    That is twice now sprint

  • Jonathan Roman

    this is android news? nitpicking on other peoples mistakes when you guys make way more then probably any other “news” site? hahaaaa

    • Erik Amador

      stop bee-itching. You don’t like it, then move on to another story or “news” site.

  • numbers

    Sprint sent me mail claiming the nexus 4g was the galaxy nexus.

  • 兔兔 安

    Use antutubenchmark and give me a score or sreenshot..So I can decide whether it’s good or not.

  • DarrenR

    If they let Lg start making the Nexus then Im switching to Windows Phone.

  • David Gray

    Where does it calll this phone a nExus? I must be missing something…

  • InspectorGadget80

    Please stop showing ugly LG phones saying their the NEXT NEXUS PHONE.