Motorola to Use Snapdragon Chipsets for some Phones?



Motorola has enjoyed a nice, fruitful relationship with TI and NVIDIA, but new evidence suggests they may be looking at Qualcomm’s arsenal of chipsets for at least one upcoming phone. A GLBenchmark result for one Motorola MB886, a device believed to be headed to AT&T. The benchmark surprisingly shows that the device will house Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 MSM8960.

While we’re sure AT&T would love to get NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 into their devices, they have to consider options which are currently playing nice with LTE. It’s a good decision over TI’s current OMAP4 platform. While both are dual-core technologies, the S4 enjoys significant performance gains over ordinary dual-ore processors. This should please many of you who believe OMAP4 is feeling a bit dated (and I wouldn’t blame you if you do). [via Droid-Life] 

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  1. The Snapdragon S4 is a nice chip. I understand that everyone wants it.

  2. Atrix 3 maybe? The 720p screen there caught my eye…

  3. The S4 is a great processor and all, but what about the GPU?  Can Qualcomm really come close to Nvidia in graphics performance?

    It’s why I think HTC will continue to underperform.  The S4 is not equal to the Tegra 3.

    1. I think most people use their phone as a gaming platform secondary. I would rather have a weaker GPU but with a faster and more power efficient SoC to use so that webpages load faster and to have a better user experience. Tegra 3 is impressive, but IMO these next gen dualcore SoC are the way to go

    2. I’m not one to follow benchmarks and whatnot too closely, but if I’m not mistaken the Qualcomm Krait processors outperform Tegra 3 in graphics performance. I recall seeing that stated on multiple blogs. With Tegra, you’re buying into the Nvidia name. It won’t necessarily have the raw performance of other chips, but game developers seem to be supporting Tegra better anyways so it doesn’t really matter. It just depends on what you want to use your phone for.

      1. You are mistaken.  Tegra 3 is far superior at graphics and the quad core will probably get better battery life too.

  4. A high-end Motorola phone coming to someone other than Verizon!?!?  

    1.  Believe or not, it is.

      I’d like to see more GSM powerful phones coming from Motorola!

      1. Same here. I wonder if they just aren’t capable of supplying the other carriers with good phones as well or something.

  5. I am almost positive this is the Atrix 3.  I was wondering what SOC Moto would use for the Atrix 3, considering the Tegra 3 doesn’t work well with LTE.

  6. I think this has to do with tegra 3 not working with lte and this being the atrix 3 they may have wanted to go away from tegra. Not to mention Ti doesnt seem to have their newer chips ready atm.

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