Apr, 14 2012

There are many reasons why we love the little green robot. But if there is something we can (and do) brag about is its market dominance. In just a few years, our favorite mobile OS has taken over the market. It seems China’s Android market share has gone to a whole other level, though.

Analysys International’s studies show that Android numbers have doubled in 2011. Google’s OS went from a 33.6% market share to a whopping 68.4% in China. But we know that Android is booming all over the place, right?

What is more surprising is the iOS market share in the same country. Apple ended 2011 with a mere 5.7% market share. This number is quite surprising, especially considering the fact the main operating systems have a much fiercer battle going on in the US, and many other countries.

It is also surprising to see that good ol’ Symbian is beating iOS by quite a bit, holding 18.7% of China’s market share. This could be due to the fact that other operating systems have a greater variety of affordable options. Android is very well known for being very accessible in that sense. And this is mostly what has helped Android reach such a successful state.

The same report also suggest that it could be very possible that the iPhone stayed behind due to the fact that the iPhone 4 and 4S look exactly the same. Seems like the iPhone is seen as a status symbol in China (like many other places), and there hasn’t been a good incentive for upgrading to a 4S – Interesting concept.

Must be nice living in a place where most smartphone owners have Android, right? We just wonder how many of these devices are high-end, or at least as expensive as an iPhone.

[Source: Macworld Via: Android Central]

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