HTC One V to begin shipping on April 23rd for UK customers


The HTC One X and One S have been making their rounds around the world. But it seems the HTC One V is taking its sweet time to start hitting the streets (depending on your market). UK residents who have been thinking of purchasing the HTC Legend’s revival will be happy to know that the device will start shipping soon for those that pre-order the device.

According to retailer Carphone Warehouse, the HTC One V is expected to start shipping to customers starting the week of April 23rd. UK customers will be able to get the device for free after signing a contract with plans as low as £20.50 from Orange, O2 and Vodafone.

Amazon is also accepting pre-orders, with an April 26th expected delivery date. You can purchase the HTC One V without a contract for £226.10 (about $358 US dollars). It is SIM-unlocked, so you will be able to use the device with any GSM carrier of your choice.

So if you live in the UK and have pre-ordered this bad boy, you will probably have your hands all over it in less than 2 weeks. Are any of you signing up for the HTC One V?

[Via: The Verge]

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  1. Yeah I should have waited on my new 2 year contract. I just went to Verizon for the Razr Maxx. Pretty happy till the fact that  I &some people are realizing that these phones are bent & Motorola will not recognize. They just dont sit true w/ out a case. I should have to use a case for a $600.00 flag ship made from gorilla glass & kevlar!!!
    But really, really nice phone!!!  I am completely impressed!!!

  2. Now there is a One V?
    One A~Z huhhuh

    1. Yes, it was announced on the same day as the X and S, back at MWC.

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