HTC One X battery life got you down? Here is a fix


The HTC One X is a beast of a device. It is arguably the best Android smartphone around right now. But no device is perfect, and neither is this one. It seems a little issue with a large consequence slipped through HTC when making this device, and now the battery is draining faster than it should.

It seems the issue is that an app called NvCPLSvc.apk was placed in the wrong directory. It should be under the system\app directory, and it is located at system/bin, instead. The fix is relatively simple: one needs to move the file to the right place and change the file’s permissions.

This is possible via ADB, and instructions can be found at XDA Developers’ site. Users have been reporting a 10%-20% increase in battery life, so this little trick might very well be worth a shot. Extra juice is always good.

[Source: XDA Developers Via: Talk Android]

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  1. I would just order an extended battery as I always do but…….yea. :-

    1. But the one x doesnt have removable batterie :/

  2. HTC needs to put out a small update just for that problem within the next few days. This makes them look bad :/

  3. Does the One X have a replaceable battery?

    1. nice one


  4. Not very reassuring…

  5. And no, battery not removable.

  6. Razr MAXX is the best Android Device out right now. Amazing battery, 4G, Insane build quality, Top-Notch specs, etc. etc.

    1. The best part is that screen that most reviewers agree is the best they’ve seen… Oh, that’s the One X.

       The screen on the razr sucks. 

      1. Please don’t troll. No one has reported that happening with a light touch. It takes real pressure. And the same was reported on the Nexus S 4G, and that was SAMOLED. In other words, abuse any screen and it looks bad.

        1. Uh, no. According to the article posted on here (Phandroid) the reporters said with normal pressure, even something as minuscule as sliding your finger across the screen.

          And I owned a Nexus S, and I own a Razr Maxx (Also SAMOLED), and I’ve never once experienced discoloration.

          1. Uh, yea, you’re misquoting the article, and you’re not aware of the forum of owners catcalling the original CNet report. And if you didn’t death grip other phones to discoloration, then here’s the thing – neither are normal users of this phone.

          2. Plus it says it only affected a small portion of phones and the extent wasn’t always the same. In SOME cases you are correct but most One X’s screens are fine.

          3. The battery sucks? It gets better battery life than my Galaxy S2. 

            The One X has the best screen according to many people. 

            You’re just upset because all of these people set you in your place. 

      2. what good is a great screen with a dead battery? Your logic sucks.

        1. What good is having a phone that’s unappealing to the user for the sake of battery life? And considering most users are reporting 18 hours off the charger with close to 6 hours of screen on time, I think I’ll be fine. You’re a fool. 

          1. “18 hours off the charger” HAHAHA, I’ve heard reports of 3 hours off the charger. Did you even read the article you’re commenting on? You have to be trolling, no one can be this stupid.

          2. You’re the moron here, sorry. 

          3. Why? Because I’ve proved you wrong with facts & real world use? Or are you still just butthurt because you blew $800 on a phone with a crappy battery and screen?

      3. How many fake accounts did you have to make and flag my comment until it was removed? Wow you must really be upset

        HTC on the One X: “We Would Never Let That Ship”


        The screen suffers very bad distortion with very light pressure on the edges.

        1. Sad part is I never flagged your comment bro.

    2. Sorry bro, but that ain’t true.

    3. They could just pretend the battery life doesn’t have an issue then release another phone 2 months later with identical specs and a larger battery, lower the cost of the original and pretend it never happened….
      But that would be absolutely stupid

      1. Yeah… I’m sure no company would do that…………….

  7. What’s the point of such a powerful phone when the battery is a dud . Since HTC decided to overlook this critically important issues then I’m skipping this phone.
    Even with the fix you get only 10% battery improvement.
    I don’t think it should be legal to sell phones with batteries lasting less than 24 hours of very heavy use.

    1. So basically in your opinion the only legal phones should be the Razr maxx, Galaxy note, and a handful of other phones…. 

      1. mmmmm none of those phones get 24 of “heavy use” either… i’d say all cell phones are illegal then! OMG

    2. How many smart phones get over 24 hours of very heavy use???? You sound like you should stick to flip phones for the time being.

  8. This is why you make a phone with removable batteries, so the consumer can decide if they want a bigger battery. Without it, we’re reduced to iSheep level, battery wise anyway.

    1. this is why? because a file is in the wrong place, that is why extended batteries are necessary? that makes no sense

      extended batteries are good and bad… my EVO has one, but honestly i don’t even have a spare, let alone an extended one so all it does it make the phone thicker. this is the true for MOST ALL of smartphone users, there is a very limited percentage that will buy a replacement battery or extended one…

      atleast with built in you can get a little bigger battery in the same size phone by default

      1. you make no sense, removable batteries are always better than permanant ones.  That’s all there is to it.

        1. why? i never buy them and nor do MOST people so how are they BETTER sitting on a shelf in best buy?  i agree they are a good OPTION but what James said makes ZERO sense… a removable battery isn’t going to fix a file being in the wrong location…

          1. well, in regards to James, yes he is not really addressing the issue, I agree lol.  But my point still stands.  We love android because of “options,”  including batteries.  

          2. This may be true, but they can make phones with what would be extended batteries already in them without them being as thick and heavy. Doing this often gives the phone a more quality feel, look, and they can pack more specs hardware wise into a lot smaller of a space. I for one don’t see the necessity of an extend battery if ones with built in batteries can last long enough for consumers to get through a full day. I have one on my DInc and I wish they had just put non-removable with enough storage so that my phone wasn’t an extra centimeter thick and unable to fit into any cases.

          3. Respectfully, here’s an option:  chose from one of the many Androids that have a removable battery.  Ignore those that don’t.  Not every phone meets every single person’s needs.

          4. you can always buy an external battery that charges via USB, even while using it, then you can use it for other devices as well. i mean, it gets messy, but its better than no backup battery at all… 

    2. I lyk your thinking, but if they’re going to make non-removable batteries, they need to be extra large batteries, lyk the Razr Maxx. You can’t remove it, but the battery is 3,300mA. You won’t need to get an extended battery for that. And look how thin the phone is. 

      As companies can see, it’s not that hard to make thin, non-removable, large capacity batteries. I don’t know what HTC was thinking putting that standard 4-6 hour battery in there. NetFlix will drain that in 3 1/2 hours. LoL!!

      I can see that I kinda got off track.

    3. What is with this fetish a lot of you have on this site on removable batteries? Does a vast majority of people walk around with spare batteries in their pockets? The world has gone mad. If you’re so worried that your battery will drain in under 3 hours, get an in car charger for £1. If you don’t drive, get a solar charger. If you don’t like that, buy one of those mini battery packs. Charge it using a USB before going out, and then connect that battery to your phone.

      There are so many possibilities out there. Even certain apps can help. Why is it I can get through about 3 days without falling into depression just because I’m worried for my battery? My RAZR will last about 3 days with moderate use. I wouldn’t even be concerned if it only lasted 24 hours, because, like many of you, more often than not, I am always near some sort of USB port. A lot of you act like you have to have a removable battery, just in case you either go to war, or you become homeless. You will ALWAYS be near some sort of power source. If not, you can always use an option I stated above. 

      People should only be worried about their battery lives on their phones if they do nothing but travel. All day, every day. And even then, I’m sure its not too much trouble to find a plug socket/USB slot near you for a good hour or so (or any of the other options I stated above).

      1. So do you carry around a USB cable with you everywhere you go?

        1. No. I have an in-car charger, a plug charger next to my laptop at home, and if I wanted, I could have a USB cable sticking out of the PC I work near when I’m at work.

          The point is, people are wanting removable batteries so that they can carry around a spare just in case. Now why would you want to carry a spare battery about? If the phone has a non-removable battery, there are other options as I listed in my previous comment. But if it is removable, and people are wanting to get a bigger battery, then for starters, your phone may be bigger, and also the best you’ll get is probably a good 4 days with just moderate use. But why is it a must to have a removable battery?

          People on here act like its the end of all times when a new phone is announced and they read the devilish sadistic sentence which states “this phone comes with a non-removable battery.”

          EDIT: One last thing, I use my phone moderately. I’m just a casual user lets say. I will sometimes use the internet, make a few texts, and browse images. It takes me about 7 minutes to travel to work. I put my phone on charge for seven minutes. Then when I leave work, I put it on charge for about, yes, another 7 minutes or so. By doing this, I actually get through almost a whole week without having to use a mains charger/USB lead. I just use a car charger for roughly 14 minutes per day, and it keeps my phone above 80%. I know there are more “hardcore” users out there, but are we really meant to believe the average person cannot carry some sort of charging device, and isn’t near a power point atleast a few times a day? About 45 minutes is all they need. How hard can it be?

          Phew, glad thats all over. Ouch, my fingers :(

          1. I love it when I don’t get a response back from anybody. It just makes clear how right I am :)

        2. you can buy external USB battery packs that don’t require a USB cable. They have a microUSB plug that goes directly into the phone.

          1. Exactly. But even then, I guess its just too much trouble for those battery pushers who apparently struggle for power even with 3 separate batteries, an in-car charger and a USB charger (like that other guy apparently does above).

      2. With removable batteries, I can go a full 7 days away from any power source…….Why is that such a pain for you? 

        1. It isn’t. Read my response to emceephi.

          1. I dunno…..You still sound a little annoyed buy those who prefer phones with removable batteries.

            Personally, I will never buy a device if I can’t remove/replace the battery. 

          2. I’m annoyed at the lack of intelligence and common sense that people like you seem to have when it comes to this. It shouldn’t matter whether a phone has a removable battery or not.

            So with a removable battery on a phone, you say you can go 7 days without being near a power source? Is that something you do? Are you never near a power source or something? You can be away from a power source even with a phone that has a non-removable battery, and still keep it alive. By using the methods I listed. And thats what gets me. Why do people like you find it so hard?

            If you’re really struggling for power that much, then instead of walking around with multiple batteries (honestly, who the heck does that anyway?) why not carry a solar charger with you? I mean, if you’re not near any power sources, then you may be outdoors a lot? Its common sense. No point in saying you won’t buy a phone just because you cannot pleasure yourself by removing the battery.

      3. When a small tornado came thru my town it took out the power all night and a whole day.  My spare battery was the only thing I had to keep my phone on until we got power back.  Also, if you’re on the move sometimes u can’t sit by a plug for an hour to charge it and u don’t wanna leave ur phone’s side in a public place because they are pretty expensive devices to be left unattended.

        1. Fortunately for the majority of Android users, tornado’s are uncommon. Are you saying all phone manufacturers should make removable batteries just in case of a tornado?

          I better call them and talk over an idea of mine over brunch. Maybe I should tell them we need our future devices to work fully underwater. Just in case of a tsunami. And if they don’t agree, I will not by future devices without this feature…

          Did you read my comment in full? did you not read the other solutions I brought about? Carry a battery charger, or a solar charger, if a phone has a non-removable battery (if you’re absolutely desperate for power, that is).

          1. I have 3 batteries, 3 wall chargers and a car charger and I use all of them constantly.  Some of us need the extra battery and aren’t near a wall socket or car to charge our phones. 

          2. And most of us don’t carry spare batteries in our pockets. You know what you could do? Don’t totally avoid non-removable battery operated phones and buy yourself a battery charger.

            By the way, how many people on this earth actually need to have 3 batteries, 3 wall chargers and a car charger… for a mobile phone? Is your phone your only leash on life or something?

            Its about time people like you who are in the minority stopped acting like babies when a phone releases with a non-removable battery, and started using a bit of common sense.

            EDIT: And just because you use 3 batteries, 3 wall chargers and a car charger, and yet you still seem to only just have about enough power for your phone, doesn’t mean you’re speaking for everyone else. I have honestly never ever heard of a person who actually needs to carry even one spare battery. Its so sad.

    4. HTC Fanboys can defend this to death but facts are facts.
      No removable battery. But battery is only  a mere 1800maH. That is FAIL for a 2012 FLAGSHIP phone…deal breaker for me.

      1. Time will tell. Not everyone uses phones the same. We have a saying, it’s “your mileage may vary.”

        Here’s another – there is no perfect phone, just the right phone for any individual at any point in time.

        Are you quite through calling people that like HTC phones names like fanboy just because of their crime of not conforming to your views? Frankly, that’s gotten beyond old.

  9. We have been fighting this battery problem to damn long.  I am sure Apple has been working their asses off on their fix with fusion power (they have already stated that this type of power could give a mobile device 3 days with heavy use).  Please,  Android and phone developers don’t let Apple beat us to the punch again. First the retina display and now maybe the long-life battery.  I wish I was as smart as you guys, but I am not.  I just sit and hope that you guys know what you are doing.  Thanks for all the hard work, but hurry the hell up. 

  10. If you’re going to make a battery non-removable, put an extra large capacity battery in there. I mean, 1800mA is nothing. My mom’s phone dies faster than mine and she barely even uses her Epic 4G Touch lyk I do. LoL!! (Root of course, but that’s another story)
    My point being you don’t have to be a heavy user to still drain 1800mA fast. The Razr Maxx is quite thin with a 3,300mA battery. Who would want to replace that? I don’t see why manufactures can’t do something lyk that. 

    To be honest, if a phone has a non-removable battery, they need to have a capacity of at least 2,500mA. That will save the need for ppL wanting extended batteries. I’m sorry, but 1,800mA is just as average as any other Smart Phone, and will make a person skip this phone because they can’t buy an extended battery.

    I mean, if ppL are buying extended batteries for their ultra thin phone, obviously they don’t care about how “thin” the phone is. Wii want better battery life. LoL!!

    I’m actually quite mad because I had thoughts about moving over to get this phone, but once I seen how small the battery is, I skipped it. If it’s non-removable it needs to be extra large. LoL!! *Waits for the “thats what she said” comments*

  11. I really don’t think the 1800mah battery is an issue.  I have a 1600mah battery in my Inspire and it’s fine.  I have 60-70% when I go to bed at night with moderate usage.  

    I think most people that complain about battery have other issues (software related or their existing battery has gone bad over time and isn’t working properly).  I replaced my battery because of the existing one not working correctly and all is well in the world again.  I also think that the biggest complainers are people who literally sit on their phones all the time with the screen on.  And those types of users are in the HUGE MINORITY of what most people use their phones for.

    Let’s think about this for a second.  All these forums and blogs that exist are made up of a group of people that is so small in the grand scheme of things (a.k.a. of all smartphone users).  MOST smartphone users are like my mom.  They don’t study phones online like all of us crazy people…lol  They don’t sit on their cell phone all day playing games and running apps.  So an 1800mah battery works just fine for everyone else in the world.  :-)  If you are a crazy smartphone user, don’t blame the manufacturer.  Just suck it up and realize that you’re in the minority and they’re not catering to you.  Therefore you should buy your phones accordingly.  But I assure you that 99% of people are going to be just fine with an 1800mah battery.

    1. I think you are right and wrong.  Yes most people arent power users.  But consider yourself lucky to get 60-70% battery life.  I know a lot of android users, some techy, others not (like my mom), and many who dont do anything but check email, and maybe words with friends periodically, and listen to music while commuting.  All but one have a hard time making it home from work on a single charge.  

      This is how i see it.  Yes you cant just automatically dismiss a phone if a non removable seemingly small battery.  The new architecture might prove to be surprisingly efficient.  

      However, manufacturers have track records.  My HTC evo can last me from when i wake up n its on 10% when i get home after work about 730 pm. But that is through the efforts of putting my screen on like 20% brightness and keeping my internet off and only toggling it on to check to see if its my turn n turning it back off.   I have become accustomed to this.  I shouldn’t have to use tricks to get my battery to last me one whole work day, especially when its sitting idly for 8 hours of it.  

      Other cell phones, like the razr maxxx, and even iphones, can last an entire work day with their internet on the entire time.  So its understandable when people are frustrated that they might have to pull tips and tricks in order to achieve basic battery life.

      1. I’m too scientific to believe that certain phones “are just bad” with battery life.  I have had iPhones in the past (for 2 years) and my Inspire gets every bit the battery life that my iPhones have and I don’t play any tricks or anything…stock ROM (not rooted), auto screen brightness, no task killers, etc.

        Again, there has to be real explanations and I don’t like how you view it as “some phones are just bad with battery life” theory.  It doesn’t make any sense to me.

        Then again, I’m a software developer by trade (NOT on mobile devices however) and I always look for the scientific reasons for such things.  There are explanations.  Believe me.

        1. I’m not saying your inspire doesn’t get good battery life, but are you implying that every cell phone gets equal battery life? Are you saying that all the those battery life test charts that have some phones achieve 9 hours of video playback and others achieve 5 hours of video playback, are all made up by these 3rd party sites? I’m sure there are plenty of reasons why some get more battery life than others, screen size and software optimization is probably huge culprits.

          I’m glad your phone gets you great battery life. But I do not. Neither does my girlfriend, or my mother, or my cousin, or some friends. There are a few friends that do get good battery. Every one of us (except my mother and I both have Evo 4g’s) has a different phone. Plenty of users on this site seem to be concerned with battery. I’m not saying you are lying about your phone’s performance, i’m just saying its a
          little condescending to say its all of our faults if any of our phones dont get the same battery life as yours.

          1. Nope…not saying that at all.  I’m just saying that there are reasons for bad battery life that people need to get down to the bottom of.  Most don’t and just complain.  That’s just what the way it is.  

            Again, all these blogs represent about one hair on my dog as far as percentage goes of people who own smartphones.  

            And we’re not even talking about the science here.  The Snapdragon S4 is made using a 28nm process.  The die has drastically shrunk when in comparison to other processors (like the 40nm Tegra 3).  It runs faster, more efficiently, with less heat, and uses considerably less energy.  So while an 1800mah battery is used, that might be equivalent to over a 2000mah battery in a phone with an older processor. That’s just the way it is.

            Again, I am interested in science not just blanket statements by people saying that their battery life sucks and therefore their phone sucks.  I just get sick of people crying about their battery life.  It has gotten really old.

        2. Um…yeah, some phones really do just have bad battery life. It’s kinda silly to assume that all other Android phones will have decent battery life just like your Inspire.

          My Sensation has awesome battery life and I can easily last two days without charging, but that’s because I replaced the stock battery with a 1900mah battery and have it rooted with a vanilla ICS rom. 

          The HTC One X, on the other hand, doesn’t have a removable battery. 1800mah may sound decent, but not all Android phones drain the battery equally. If users are unhappy with the battery life, or the battery just goes bad, they can’t really do anything about it but complain. Hopefully this fix helps One X owners.

          Also consider the fact that the Razr Maxx has a huge 3000mah battery and is still thin as hell. Why can’t other manufacturers do the same??

          1. You don’t seem to be understanding what I’m saying. If a phone has bad battery life, there IS a reason or reasons for that.  What are they?

            Again, phones don’t have bad battery life “just because”.

          2. Here’s one reason:  The manufacturer doesn’t put a decent battery in the phone, or a battery sufficient enough to last a full day.  Everyone is understanding what ur saying.  It’s not science, it’s common sense.

          3. Except that 1800mah batteries historically are a pretty regular size for smartphones…

  12. I’d be happy with a 10mm wide phone with a 4100mah non removable battery, or a phone that you can swap it out easy. The razr maxx looks nice . They really need to put more focus on battery life!

    1. If you want just decent battery life, steer very clear from HTC. All of their phones have 2-4 hour battery life with moderate use. Google Evo/Thunderbolt/Sensation/OneX “Battery Life”.

      You’d think since their phones are usually 15mm+ in thickness they could be packing an at least average battery. This is not the case.

      1. My EVO battery lasts all day. You never hear the stories of HTC owners with good batteries because they don’t have a reason to write about it online.

  13. ehhh I am kinda back and forth on this removable battery thing I am sad to see my favorite company have an iphone issue like this tho :/
    I do love them as a company as they exchanged several emails with me answering questions and giving me a little insight in there directives which was kinda interesting, also they gave me a couple links and online trainings to help educate me further and push sales for them (att rep). I gained a lot of respect for them that day and will continue to stand by them through these little hiccups people are building mountains out of!

    1. Those type of apps usually do more harm than good.

  14. Ah the joys of owning a note, battery issues? I what are they then?

  15. Didnt even know this phone was out..

  16. So, did everyone else forget the fact that when the iPhone 4s came out there were battery life complaints and Apple had to release an update to iOS 5? Calm down guys.

  17. Personally I am not too bothered about battery life as it can be recharged. My concern is the life of the battery…when battery starts to loose charge due to age and usage what happens then? Also will that lower value of phone when you come to trade it in?

  18. Men that start cryin and grizzlin coz the battery isn’t lasting 2 days…get a grip and eat some meat.

  19. Thanks for providing nice solution; Number of people are suffering from this problem.

    Android Developer

  20. Just experienced why phones should be made with a removable battery… Yesterday I let my phone fall while climbing some stairs (9 feet high!) into a a aquarium/pool. It was in a restaurant and I must say I rather enjoyed looking at the fish before my phone took a free fall and dove to swim with them. Not so much after.

    Amazingly there are no scratches or dents on the phone’s body, even though it’s a pretty shallow pool and the floor is made of cement. Anyways: my point. I ran to the bottom the stairs and took it out of the water. And it was still working, but I knew the procedure: turn it off IMMEDIATELY, and take the parts apart so it can dry for at least a couple of hours. Only problem was: the screen was not reacting and even worse neither was the power button!
    And that’s why batteries should be removable. Simply popped the backlid, took out the battery. Lay the phone to dry last night, got up this morning: works perfectly. Though we may never know for sure, but I’m fairly certain my phone would’ve short-circuited and been completely damaged if I could not have taken the battery out.

    I must say the HTC One X looks truly awesome, almost makes me sad for not waiting. But then again, I dont like plastic. Im sure there would be a dent from hitting the cement floor of that pool. Though I would look past that, but not the battery. Not after yesterday. Lets keep those batteries removable. Stop pushing more cores in my phones, push more cells. Battery cells.P.S. 1800mAh? And they couldnt make it removable? My Gnex has 1750mAh, is removable and is still thinner than the HTC One X. AND the battery lasts longer.

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