iPhone Users Are Disgusted By New Android Users Signing Up For Instagram [Humor]


Alright, first off. I’m not trying to incite a flame war here, I promise. But, wow. I had no idea this kind of sentiment was going ’round the internet. I mean, I’ve oft read in our comments that iOS users can be a bit “stuck up,” thinking of their iPhone as more of a status symbol than a utility. Well, then I came across these posts from iPhone users on Twitter who weren’t exactly welcoming to the flood of new Android Instagram users “late to the party as usual.” Here’s just a few of the more ignorant comments posted on Twitter today. If you’re feeling a bit more masochistic, you can get your blood boiling further by following an all new Twitter account dedicating to retweeting posts just like these from some of the internet’s finest. Oh, and please — keep it PG-13 in the comments. We can all voice our opinions in a civil manner, right?


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. all chicks. lol.

  2. Hah.  That’s all I have to say. Hah.

  3. ITT: Angry Hipsters. 

  4. Probably Windows users

  5. The sad thing is……its connected to ppl’s real names. I wouldnt dare want someone to know I was stuck up or elitest.

    Or knowing I take this whole Android vs. iPhone thing THAT serious……

    That might be the sadder part.

  6. Now I feel like installing Instagram just to follow all those “don’t follow me” accounts. LOL!

    1. I had no interest at all in Instagram, but I share your curiosity. Who are these hipsters and why are they sooo angry heh heh

      1. Started following some and posted pics of broken iPhones, and pics of Andy. good use of 10 minutes in my opinion.

    2.  Yeah baby, installing now. I’ll find every one of those efs from the article above!

    3. TROLL lyyyyyyyyyfe! >:D muhahahaha

  7. yeah android finally got instagram today but when is an iphone ever going to get 4g?

    1. 30% of iPhone users think they already have the 4 geez.

      1. So I’ve heard (mostly At&t iphone users).. shows how delusional they really are. O_o

        1. Can I tweet “Ew the iPhone now has 4G” when that happens, or “iPhone users getting 4G is like the losers in HS taking over the cafeteria table”

          1.  pretty sure the only reason 4G is still fast as hell is because iphone users aren’t mucking it up. I was pissed when sprint added the iphone cause it wrecked the 3G speeds for a while :(

          2. You can also tweet like “Ew! Iphone has now dual core processor” or ” Ew! Iphone also now has notification bar”. 

        2. On at&t you would almost have to!

        3. mostly because AT&T lies and puts up a 4G symbol on their phone.  

          1. Most of them thought they had 4G long before AT&T did this.  How many will think their next phone has 5G?

      2. LOL. Can’t like this comment enough.

      3. Technically no one has 4G – ITU specs call “4G” 1 GBPS download in a stationary test and 100 MBPS download in a fast moving test (Car or Train). The “4G” being touted by Carriers and handset makers today really is 3G that marketing departments decided to call “4G”

        1. Actually, they decided to change the definition of 4G down to 100 MBPS. 

          But I still haven’t be able to get 100 MBPS on Verizon 4G, but it’s supposed to, right?

      4. The At&t site actually says that they do -__-

    2. Lol, Probably when LTE is obsolete just like HSPA+ is right now. I like how they have a fake 4G icon in their status bar on the 5.1 update just to make them feel better.

      1. Hey , don’t shit on hspa+. My galaxy nexus uses
        hspa+ and the network is great in its own right. Maybe AT&T’s hspa+ network sucks , but T-Mobile’s is awesome.

        1. TMO may have the best fake “4G” network but it’s nowhere close to LTE.

          My T-Mobile “4G” phone has never seen more than ~5MBPS even with 5 bars of HSPA+ signal.

          My AT&T LTE phone (work phone) where I can get LTE signal (admittedly not very many places right now) can get 10MBPS with 3 bars of LTE.

          Of course most of the time the AT&T phone is on the AT&T HSPA+ “4G” network and I’m limited to ~2MBPS but the other side of that is that there are a lot of places where I can’t even get EDGE on TMO that I get decent HSPA+ signal on AT&T.

          1. As i type,i’m simultaneously testing the speed of my SGS2 on tmob HSPA+ using and i’m getting 12.45Mbps. I think it depends on the specific area where you are. Never tried at&t hspa+ so i can’t comment on it, but what i do know is my SGS2 on tmob is fast enough for my daily needs.

      2. Yeah 42mbps and soon maybe 84mbps are so obsolete. lol

      3. HSPA+ will be obsolete when 2nd gen LTE rolls out, whatever it is they are calling it, and even then it will be an amazing backup network. hypothetical limit of 42 mbps, real world of 14+ is pretty amazing

        1. HSPA+ goes up to more than half a gb in the long run, HSPA+ will still be able to compete years from now. LTE Advance isn’t going to take effect anytime soon and even then HSPA+ despite having its limits its affects everyone positively. HSPA+ has been by far consistent depending on the processor type. With the right one people will see great comparable and competitive consistent speeds.

          1. Sometimes limits are good.. like how HSPA+ is limited on how much it can drain your battery.

      4. I saw a herd of iSheep the other day bragging about 4G on their iPhones. They were amazed on their speed tests that their speed had doubled. I had to call my friend (owner of a Galaxy Nexus) to put those iSheep to shame.

    3. <3 hahaha

    4. When iPhone user gets something Android already had, they feel like Apple got it first!!!! That’s pretty dang annoying!!!

  8. Hah! Almost all of them said “Ew”. That to me shows the maturity level we are dealing with here. 

    1.  Funny that! That’s the same thing stuck up rich girls say to the normal people..

      “Eww…” as they walk away. Says something about the average iphone customer.

    2. I couldn’t agree more, why does it even matter? Android users can be a bit annoyed when iPhone users get something we already had but unusually it’s something legitimate; like the pull down notification bar and decent voice actions. 

      My feelings in picture form:

      1. and video recording

    3. I was going to comment on that too… “Ew”, “Yuck” and other profanities were all they could come up with… Pathetic, especially considering that they think themselves to be in the upper eschelon of smartphone users. *laughing*

  9. Wow…I fans

  10. ahhha  their bubble got popped.  dumb iphony user……

  11. I have to admit… I just don’t see it.  I tried out instagram today and I really don’t see why people are enamored with it.  I like Pixlr-o-matic if I want to filter my pictures, and all my pics are uploaded automatically to G+.  Life is good, Instagram is unnecessary.  I like that it is on the platform, because big name apps are always a good thing to have available, but I just don’t ever see myself using it.

    1. It’s because iOS still doesn’t have a built-in share system half as good as the Android system-wide Share menu… that’s what made Instagram so popular on that taint OS.

  12. Comments had me dying… Lol, over an app tho? Really…?

  13. truth from Chris Ziegler from TheVerge:
    @zpower:twitter : so iphone users are worried that android users will ruin instagram, android users are worried iphone users will ruin LTE. not quite even

    1. my thoughts exactly…. i was okay when the iFans were sitting by idly attempting to leave android alone. of course there were a few misguided individuals, but now… THIS is all out war!

    2. Well played good sir, well played.

  14. Each and everyone of them are lame and pretty stupid! For what reason would they EXPECT sole exclusivity to instagram on the iOS! Also each and everyone of them are to blame for bringing it to Android by making it so popular! So to each and everyone of you “iDIOTS” I’m giving you one big “EWW”

  15. Apple fans needs a life

  16. These tweets seem like people who are missing something in life whether that be an education, self esteem, decent job or a productive hobby, and they feel like having an iPhone that they spent their $200 of life savings on, and little bit of income paying their phone bill every month makes them special even though they are in no way a productive part of society. It’s sad really that American consumerism has come to this.

    1. You got all that from reading those tweets? Really?

      1. Are you saying that you think it’s a crazy idea that some people get so consumed with consumerism to the point that they think they’re better than other people? That’s all I’m implying.

      2. Yes,  look at the user images.  Most are teenage girls. Or creepers using teenage girls as their photo.

    2. Some of them probably have rich parents also, paying all their bills.

  17. Which is why I wish Android folks wouldnt even download Instagram. Why are we always supposed to think something is the new hotness just because its on iPhone? How about encouraging devs to build apps that really use the Android APIs to the fullest and ignore iOS since it probably couldn’t run the apps. Making cross platform apps just makes for half assed apps since iOS is so limited.

  18. I had to deal with this today. I knew it would come, but I was surprised when it started trending across the nation. I usually avoid the iphone/ios vs android arguments because I am usually arguing with people with no knowledge of the mobile world and people who still refer to androids as “droids.” But today people made it seem like we were second class citizens lol. 

    1. yes so many iphone users i know mainly girls call any android phone a droid

  19. All these fruit gadget fanboys. I can only imagine how upset they must be. They will head home after a long day of hanging out in the coffee shops, sipping on their iced mocha, decaf, half calf, no foam, skim milk, venti whatever’s, and softly place their iWhatever onto their gadget altar in disgust. I say, enjoy fellow open source users. Have a cup of just plain coffee, root the he’ll out of your device, and have a great day. That is all. I hope this doesn’t get any skinny jeans in a knot. ……sent from my OG Dinc running AOKP ICS. Can’t. Kill this thing. That is all.

    1.  I hope that some of those crappucino lovers kill themselves over Instagram for Android, and we’ll all enjoy seeing that in the news.

  20. Chris,
    You must be smoking lots of crack.
    You are completely out it of touch with your own forum.
    These above twitter comments are every day activity in YOUR OWN FORUMS here at Phandroid.
    Talking about out of touch.

    1. wow was that really necessary…

      1. You must not read these comments sections. Every othertopic degrades into a,”we hate iPhone”debate.
        Phandroid is the lowest of the low when it comes to the comments section.
        No other Android blog/ website is as bad.

        1. You’re not exactly helping =/

          1. Chris,
            It’s not like I am making this up.
            Your comments section is like the Wild West.
            Starting this topic just inflames.
            The extreme iPhone and Android fanboys are obnoxious as hell. All this silliness over a fuckin phone.

          2. You obviously hadn’t been to BGR before they switched to Facebook commenting…

            Real identities seem to make people less douche-y. 

  21. I’m pretty sure instagram was already lame before today. “BUT I NEED THE EXACT SAME EFFECTS FOR EVERY PICTURE!”

  22. I wouldn’t expect any less at all from the iSheep.

  23. Oh gosh… As someone who owned every model Mac since the 6100 pizza box until about 3 years ago… this is the kind of crap that made me abandon that cult altogether…. I purged myself of all that elitist nonsense and everything Apple. That is the biggest pile of cow manure I’ve ever come across.

  24. Oh no! My phones not special anymore! What ever will I do?!?! People are fucking retarded.

    Let’s just show them why Android is Superior to their little iShits. :)

  25. Weirdness. Who cares about another group getting an app? lol

  26. oh no the exclusive iphone owners only instagram club is ruined now that “everyone” can use it :s ye except theres what 100million iphone users lol

    i also like the irony in the fact the iphones are advertised and known as the simple to use phone for people who just want simple settings and nothing to configure, whilst android is known for its ability to let users dive into the complexities and yet its the iphone user implying all android users are going to be morons and ruin the app

    further more im pretty sure theres many many android with a camera better then the iphones think about that

  27. Why do people that only people with an iphone are rich or elitest and android is only owned by ghetto people? Last time i checked i could by an iphone if i wanted to

    And check this pic from twitter this shows how simple minded some isheep can be 

    1. As someone how has bought their last 2 Android phones off contract when they were still new.. I agree.

  28. Haha they can have instagram. All I ever see from those pics are sepia and shaded corners. No thanks. And what’s with all of them saying “Ew”? Is that a new hip thing to say before every sentence?

  29. Waaahh, Wahhh, we aren’t exclusive anymore. Waaaahh, we cant be different from the android users. Waaahhh we lost what we thought was cool on the iPhone now it seems cooler on android, wahhhh.

  30. Instagram was made for android because the developers iphone got broken and apple  bs’d him so he went to an android and loved it and made the app for android

  31. I thought instagram was for teens and the fat girls in college?  

    1.  the vignette effect on instagram makes the fattest of sorostitutes look slim.

    2. Judging by your comment you’re no better than the ones writing those tweets.

      1. It was just from experience.  The big girls were the only ones who actually cared about instagramming stuff.  Everyone else was doing something, anything else.

        Id rather not waste my time putting some stupid filter on a lame photograph.  The content is what makes it a good photograph, not making it look like you took a shot of you and your bff at the mall on Kodachrome. 

  32. The comments are quite telling of who comprises the Apple crowd.  So, now that Android has Instagram, they don’t feels special?  Really?  How pathetic.  I, for one, can care less about this Instagram app.  I neither need nor want another social network.  Android already lets me share pictures to whichever social network I want to use without the need for a separate app.  

    1.  I didnt and still dont know what the hell an Instagram is…and I havent even bothered to see.

    2. But really it’s funny because they ALL have the same exact phone. How were they feeling special before? I mean there is a reason why there are so many fruits to eat in this world and not just apples, people like choice and people like to stand out or define themselves personally from what they choose. Anyone getting an iphone is not different but from a cookie cutter, all the same boring shape. At least with Android, variety is king. Nexus, Razr, HTC, Xperia, LG, etc… All vastly different phones who define who the consumer is when they purchase it. When you really go Android, there is never going back… 

      1. Joe Public does not like choice. Throughout the ages, the populous always looks to a leader, wants to be told what to do and would prefer to not think for itself. That’s why these obvious Harvard graduates have iPhones.

        1. That’s kind of funny, wasn’t it Apple that tried to break that train of thinking by making a commercial in 1984 that showed the lady throwing a sledgehammer through a Orwellian big screen that was essentially telling people what to think. Their slogan was “Think Different.” Why has Apple now turned 180 degrees and asked all of their fans to become of one mind on Apple products.

          1.  Haha, so true.  If they continued that trend of innovating then I really wouldn’t have a problem with the company.  The original iPhone was new and innovative and it did change “the game”, but rehashing the exact same product with minor changes really cannot be called innovative, yet they still pawn it off as such.

            Either way, end result, I educated myself and dislike Apple as a company, those who blindly purchase any consumer product due to branding will get what they deserve eventually.  If they don’t realize it’s a big world and there is choice, yet choose to be blissfully ignorant, that’s cool… just accept that not everyone thinks the same.

            My $0.02.

          2.  That commercial…

            Its what makes what Apple has been doing as far as patent lawsuits so strange.

  33. We didn’t say eww when they stole the drop down notification. They probably were like apple has done it again cause they want the iPhone more cause of the logo and not because it is so outdated the second it comes out.

  34. I went Android and can never go back. iPhone was my first smartphone and it has nothing on my Android device running froyo, and froyo doesn’t even display half of Androids current power. I’m glad I’m apart of the Android community. These iPhone users talk of us like they’re Suburban White Christians and we’re some Hispanics or Blacks moving into their neighborhood.

    1. This ‘Cism spoken or unspoken needs to stop…

  35. thank you for filling me with rage, phandroid.

  36. I don’t understand instagram anyways, so I won’t be joining it. Take that iPhone’ers!

    Before instagram, I could follow feeds (twitter, facebook and g+), I could share photos on those feeds, and I could put effects on my photos. It isn’t really breaking new ground.

  37. IPhone cry babies can suck my right nut and iPhone can suck my left nut and meet in the middle, I left iPhone cause its the same shit every year, how is the 4g Lte or 4g period on your sorry iPhone, their like I have a cool ass iPhone NA NA NA, my wife and daughter has a iPhone because a 2year old can work on one plus I don’t get asked every five damn mins how do I do this, I gave my wife my old infuse lets just say a new iPhone is on the way, iPhone=simple

  38. And boom goes the dynamite lol buncha iTwats from the looks of it.

  39. And thats why I didnt get an iphone. I would never want to be associated with this type of “disease”. iphonism.. Dont think Theres a cure yet..

  40. 16? You’re overshooting. Try 13.

    1. Overshooting on Gay as well : )

  41. I used to use InstaGram before it was cool.
    I use something obscure now, but you probably haven’t heard of it.

  42. Hilarious! Made my day

  43. How do they even know they are taking good pics with their 2″ screens?

  44. Everyone d/l app, sign up, and follow as many of these nimrods as possible and make sure to post TONS of pics of your phone in the mirror.

  45. Aren’t there already apps on Google Play that do what instagram does (perhaps without the social integration, which seems overrated based on the user sample above)?

    CameraZoomFX lets you apply crappy aged, polaroid effects to photos right? So does Magic Hour if I remember correctly. 

    1. Camera360 even has more filters than instagram. Instagram has faster workflow though

    2. iSheep say it’s all about the social integration, which means dick in today’s world as you have a ton of social networking sites with Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest being king.   The only reason why Instagram created this so late in the game is they are losing click throughs from those other social sites, with Pinterest being pretty hot right now.  They essentially needed Android in order to stay relevant.

  46. LOL im going to take a pic of my Tprime with its android pissing on an apple live wallpaper and post it on instagram 

  47. Wow. Sexist/agist/homophobic much?

    Those Instagram users sound awful. Why try to outdo them?

  48. What would be hilarious is if Instagram took the iOS app away. 

    1. Or came out with it for Windows Phone. That might mark the first time in history that Android and IPhone users were united against something… xD

      1. Nah I actually respect WP7 alot more than iOS, specially its userbase

      2. Why would Android users be against that?

  49. i own an iphone 4 and a GS2 and i really don’t understand all the hate between both OSs. they both have their pros and cons but yet there has to be simpletons that take it to the point where it just is retarded. just to read some of these comments make me wish we were both in the days of the RAZR flip phone. now it’s just which OS is better at BS but the truth is they are BOTH good and bad in their own ways. not one is better then the other, it doesn’t matter which one has “hot apps” or if one has a better battery life then the other or if the other can run flash and the other can’t. bottom line. they are all phones with a camera and a touchscreen that can update your social networks and add stupid effects to the pictures you post.

  50. This is the difference between iPhone users and Android users: An Android user would never complain about an app getting support on other devices (including the iPhone). iPhone users like a closed platform. Last time I checked, all my iPhriends were content with the restrictions of iMessenger/Facetime, even if it meant they couldn’t talk to half their friends. 

  51. Look at all the Ew(e)s…just what I’d expect from a bunch of iSheep…

    1. good one :-)

  52. You don’t see us complaining that IOS now has notification center. Gee where did they get idea from?

    elitist Appletards #smugsheep

  53. Tried it, wasn’t for me. I think the charm was that it has it’s own social network wrapped around it. But even the initial sharing only allows Facebook or Twitter and I only use Google+. Sure I could share stuff to Google+ AFTER I’ve already posted it to Instagram but meh. In all seriousness as a Google+ user we have a semi decent filter offering in the Creative Kit. All Google would have to do is add a new app to the Google+ app suite that offers the same simple Shoot, Filter, Share functionality and ,with the exception of those few Android users who want to play in the same social Instagram sandbox as their friends and family with iPhones, Instagram would become much more of a moot point for most Android users. Heck if that app was included in not just the Android but iOS and WP7 versions of the suite it could effectively be a complete Instagram killer with the added benefit of bringing MORE people to Google+.

    1. Android already has tons of sharing features inside most camera apps compatible with the vast majority of social networks, and HTC’s One series (and maybe Samsung, unsure about that) have aftereffect filters anyway. We never really needed Instagram in the first place, which is why it’s so hilarious to see all of this rage coming from iPhone users. I can only imagine the reaction out of these people if it came to, say, Symbian…

  54. i just don’t understand why android users act so immature towards IOS. even before this instagram BS. don’t get me wrong, i’m no apple whore but i’ve owned an amaze 4g, htc mytouch 4g, sensation 4g, gs2 international and tmobile verison and all had some sort of problems. from major lag to rebooting by it’s self to bootloops and many battery pulls. i’ve owned an iphone 1st gen, 3gs and iphone 4 and the only problem i’ve had with them is slow data speeds and that’s my fault cause they are unlocked and running on tmobile. but still my everyday phones are my tmo GS2 and iphone 4. i wouldn’t say all iphone users are the way most of you say they are cause they really aren’t cause all the ones i know  jailbreak and customize almost every aspect of it the same way you can customize an android phone. i really don’t get it, people on here get mad at what those simpletons said about android getting instagram yet most on here are acting the same towards IOS instead of acting like the better person and being mature with words

  55. Now that is funny and sad at the same time, what’s the difference if someone uses an android or iPhone on instagram? Besides that there are now much more users nothing will change.

  56. eww, twitter.  ew

  57. Used it once to see what Hipster are so raving about this app. One word LAME. I have a camera that does filters like this and all I have to do is press share photo and pretty Mich share it where ever I want. So iOS can keep instagram. Godspeed to them.

  58. I guess nobody told Apple users that apps have been out for a long time for both platforms that do the same crap as Instagram.

  59. :s I’m shocked! WTH is wrong with these juveniles? I have no words to express my disappointment… Reading these tweets, it felt like dealing with a new kind of alien species that I just cannot understand…

  60. Wow. Reminds me of the star belly sneetches.

  61. EEW is a gay language. So most Iphone users are gay. 

    1. I’m gay, love Android, and never say eew : )

  62. This pretty much goes in line with most iphone users that ive seen. 
    Im a high school junior got my first android my freshman year loved it (Samsung moment) ive come to hate it now because being a 1st gen android nothing works anymore.
    Many of my friends have iphones and would rather be caught dead than with an iphone. Ive never been too pushy about the issue i have just asked my friends to take a look at some of the higher end androids before they chose a phone.
    Most people dont listen to me though and just go in and grab an iphone. It is amazing how quick that little device turns people into mindless followers. Friends who have never owned or even used an android are always saying how much it sucks. 

    It really is incredible how fast apple can turn people into elitist followers.

  63. So, you think if you can’t beat’em, join’em? I’m gay, love Android, and never act like them, or you : )

  64. I picture the famous Apple “1984” commercial, but with some updates.  On the video screen is Steve Jobs.  Everyone in the crowd is looking at the same image on their iPhone.  And instead of an athletic girl running in and throwing the hammer, it’s Andy Android.

    It funny how the company who once thought of themselves as the rebelous outsiders has become the very model of groupthink.  Big Brother is laughing.

  65. And you know, they are still wondering why people call them mactards…

  66. this is wow why iphone users ar so haters….

  67. And people wonder why iSheeps are hated so much.

    Guess what iSheep, android phone not only have most iPhones apps, but it can do more too.
    Suck on that iDiots.

    1. oh but those apps are so hard to use…  i’m too dumb to figure out what to do with all those additional features!!!  

  68. Steve Wozniak the co founder of Apple himself got an Android.. How can you STILL call Android “ew”? Seriously? It’s the same thing as telling your very own father, “ew, you fucked up”; in which having you, indeed he did.

  69. What is it about having an iPhone that turns seemingly normal members of society into elitist arse holes??  Honestly I know so many people who used to be normal before they got their hands on one. It’s a phone! They really need to get a grip…

  70. and now we see how dumb most iphone users are.   ”ew”   what a bunch of parrots.  they can’t even think for themselves anymore.

  71. Wow…just wow. Reading over these comments makes me cringe. I didn’t realize how many people thought of their phone as a status symbol. Coming from an iPhone, to Android, and soon to be on Windows Phone 7, I would never think less of someone else if they had a different type of phone. But I do think the word “Ew” was overused a bit there.

  72. This is WAR. I wrote on PD’s FB wall.. I am so PISSED OFF.. 

  73. Seriously? its a friggin app. they are acting like white people back in the 1950s.

  74. On a side note I need to start doing that when someone asks me if my bike is a Ducati, just go “Ewwwwwww!!!!” really loudly.  Would save me time explaining what it is.

  75. I told you iPhone users were part of a cult but noone believed me :/ well heres your proof. #cult

  76. No doubt in my mind the phone OS wars were started because of iPhone users who kept repeating how Apple made smart phones and everyone else just copies their ideas.  Wasn’t long before people argued back.

  77. What’s with all the “Ew” and “Yuck”.  It’s like we have cooties or something.  I realize they think we’re losers and not as “cool” as them, but I didn’t know they were grossed out by an OS.  That doesn’t even make sense.

  78. #iPhone users got #notifications? Please don’t click on a notification from me. Yuck. #AndroidFTWFANBOYRIOT

  79. How much of a loser in life do you have to be to get mad some people you dont know using a phone you dont have got a program that you have?

    Only an iSheep..

  80. I can’t read half these #teami*hone comments because of bad grammar.

  81. Lol. Love the twitter response. 

  82. I noticed that a vast majority of those comments include the words “Ew” or “gross.” Just shows how immature iPhone users are that complain about this. It’s like they think we have cooties or something.

    I mean seriously, if it was the other way around, I wouldn’t care one bit. They fact that they think they are “cool” for having an iPhone just proves the stereotype of iPhone users.

  83. I find it hilarious that people who bought subsidized iPhones somehow think they’re fiscally superior. My Galaxy Nexus cost me $700 because I bought it un-subsidized. If I wanted an iPhone I could have one. I don’t want one.


  84. “Dear iPhone users, you will always be my first…”, says Instagram (a.k.a the mother who just gave birth to many newly born Android users) hehe, kinda reminded me how some “first child” would react as soon as they get a younger brother or younger sister and knowing the attention is now no longer on them but to the newly born Lol… . just saying

  85. This makes me ashamed to own a Mac. 

  86. Well, now I’m downloading Instagram out of spite. 

  87. I feel so rich holding an iDick. Whahahaha..

  88. Wow, I never had even an inkling of desire to go download Instagram, but now I do.

    Can’t wait to follow all these iPhone users and ruin their day.

  89. Do I have to buy an iPhone before I can use the super cool word- EW?

  90. I like how all those twitter posters assume they post shit worthy of following on instagram. Narcissism is alive and well in the iSheep cult. 


  92. It’s amazing how many idiots there are in the world, but it’s important to keep in mind that not all iPhone users are like that. Two of my best friends dropped their Droid Incredibles for the iPhone4, but they would never bash people who didn’t. Let’s all be honest with ourselves here. While the people making these comments are certainly all idiots, the same thing happens prettymuch everywhere. I’m sure you could find a few million tweets calling homosexuality gross or saying “ew” because we have a black president. Closed-minded idiocy is not exclusive to apple.

  93. also you guys should highlight the android users that kept saying android is too good for instagram and saying “we dont need this iOS crap”… im sure all of them have instagram installed right now…fanboys smh

  94. I know “to each his own” and all of that….but it is best summed up by High School cliches.  The iPhone (or Cool Kid) is a status symbol and sought after by those who crave status, not functionality.  Android (School Nerd) is for those who know what they are looking, how to get it, and most importantly how to USE IT PROPERLY!  It’s hilarious the amount of iPhone users I come across who have something to say about my GS2, but then ask me “How do I…” on their phones.  I have even seen classes on how to use your iPhone in my area.  Ridiculous!

  95. Shows how stupid our society is. it’s a phone people. get a life.

  96. This calls for mad trollolololing bahaha 

  97. I am just glad my joking tweet wasn’t taken seriously and added to this list! Instagram is a social media to share our lives through photography. I’m excited about my droid friends getting to finally share photos with iPhone users. Check me out on Instagram and Twitter: @engybingy

  98. What the fuck is instagram? Man i wish i was this desperate at inflating my ego.

  99. Quick, everyone snap a photo of your Dead Zebra Android through instagram and let’s take it over!

  100. I think I just witnessed the epitome of brand loyalty.  The mindshare truly is on the cult level.

  101. So iPhone users only words they can say is ew. They have a really great vocabulary. But really who gives a frack about the craPhone users, they kinda remind me of OWS, there only good for whining

  102. As far as im concerned they can keep their precious “instagram” , its the blandest camera app ever, Android has at least half a dozen better camera apps that make this look like mediocre crap. 

  103. Haters gonna hate.

  104. Am I the only one that finds it odd that so many (apparent) guys used words like “ew”, “yuck”, and “gross”?

  105. prime example of how immature and stupid the average iphone user is.

  106. Ew, Instagram for Android is an iOS port.

  107. Had it installed for 2 seconds. Saw it was a port and removed it. Went back to pixlr-o-matic.

  108. The sad reality is that it is a status symbol adorned by all to be like their millionaire peers.

    I don’t want to live on this planet no more…

  109. ‘Nuff said ;)

  110. those iphone users need to grow up lol it’s just an app. I remember when facebook was just for college students (and before that just for a handfull of them). Then they opened it to everyone. Sure, it feels weird to hear 60+ year olds talking about “that there facebook” at work, but really, I don’t care. It doesn’t affect me at all.

    btw, installed instagram just to see wtf it was, then realized it’s just a 12MB stupid camera app with effects that are available elsewhere and has a social network thing.
    So I got that crap off my phone.

  111. Too bad assholes like that are on twitter and can share their stupid opinions. This is discrimination and I do believe that is a bad thing, so all the Android users could file a lawsuit against the iSheep to stop their iDiscrimination.

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