CyanogenMod Selects A New Mascot – Say Hello To rAndy


Logos can be tricky. We’ve experimented with a few redesigns of our own in the past (a final decision was made and is, in fact, coming very soon). Well, a few weeks back, the CyanogenMod team felt it was time to give their famous “skateboarding Andy” mascot a redesign, asking users all over the world to help them come up with something fresh. After a long deliberation, TeamDouche finally picked this design by Caio Alves dubbed “rAndy” (final name subject to change).

Of course, not everyone is exactly excited for the new change and everyone is entitled to their opinions. Personally, I think it looks great. It’s in tune with Android’s new minimalist style, as well as a sort of evolution of the famous Bug Droid into this human hybrid looking robot. What do you guys think of the redesign? Was the old style better? Or maybe you would have picked a different winner from the submissions?


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. I’m not a fan.

  2. well I think the name is tight, they should put in the logo.

  3. Indifferent.

  4. I liked the old logo better. Maybe a face lift would of been better.

  5. The hands ruin it for me

    1. They look like Lego. This is a good thing.

  6. Logo’s can be tricky?
    Looks like grammar for the PHANDROID staff fits that description as well.

    Do you have some kind of contest among the PHANDROID staff to see who generates the most comments on typos, grammar, etc…?

    Or, do you guys pull an AFROMAN before posting your articles….

    I used to use Spelllcheck on my articles, but then I got high……..

    Yeah, that’s probably it, nevermind, carry on…………

  7. Was this announced on the 1st?  Are they sure about that name?  Not sure rAndy is a word they want to associate with…
    Austin Powers: Do I make you horny? Randy? Do I make you horny, baby, yeah, do I?

  8. It seems a bit more…alien than android. Can’t say I’m a huge fan. Then again I hated the new Chrome logo at first and now I love it; I imagine this logo will go the same way as time passes.

  9. Reminds me of Aziz Ansari’s character in Funny People.   Raaaaaaaaannnnddyy.  Long story short – also not a fan.

  10. Also, on the name, what about “cAndy”? The “c” for cyanogen and the “Candy” because the UI is sweet as, uh, candy. Although I suppose that isn’t a very human name, eh. 

  11. I don’t like it, I liked the old a lot more, but I really don’t care about that kind of stuff. Cm is my favorite rom, don’t really care about what their mascot is, as long as it’s not an apple.

  12. Looks like a deformed petus

    1. rofl

  13. That looks booty.

  14. WACK

  15. Fugly.

  16. Horrible

    1. Not the same lovable quality that Andy riding a skateboard gives…

  17. Nooo… Terrible
    Goodbye all Cyanogen merchandise lol 

  18. Call it CyBorg…Similar to Android, Cy(an), and the mascot itself looks like one. rAndy sounds stupid.

  19. reminds me of Rosie from the Jetsons lol. Or one of their other maid robots lol

  20. might as well make it this lol http://www.designboom.com/history/female_robots/41.jpg

    1. hahaha

    2. LOL

  21. I prefer the TDUD duck

  22. Should have used Soumak Duttas. But without the center thingy. i would use that as a splash/bootscreen animation in a heartbeat if i knew how

  23. nothing creative about this logo that sticks, 

    doesn’t quite work ;(

  24. I swear its an alien. I can’t see a robot at all. And yup, its a horrible logo for cyanogenmod

  25. Boooooo

  26. Their old logo was so much better suited. It’s iconic now, and fits in metaphorically to what they’re doing with Android itself

  27. I loved the Skateboard Droid, this looks like a robot ragdoll.

  28. I agree with one person skateboarding Andy was awesome and was truly a metaphor. Skateboarders being the rebels taken the rules and bending them or even breaking them from time to time. But really taken something and pushing it to the extreme this logo is truly lame. But still personally don’t care I still love CM. Made my Thunderbolt and Incredible so much more loveable. I HATE SENSE WITH A PASSION BUT LOVE HTC PHONES SUCH IRONY.

  29. honestly i dont like it…..doesnt look like the friendly android….looks like a terminator version of it

  30. I am not a fan of the new logo at all… kind of makes me sad that this is what they picked and what we will have to look at now when running cm9…

  31. change is good and i like it. 

  32. Don’t like it at all. I don’t care for cyanogenmod all that much anyhow since their ROM for the Thunderbolt is far too buggy for me. That rAndy isn’t going to help them at all….

  33. Boorrinnnggggggg. I really liked the skateboarding droid its much more badass

  34. Somethings are better left unchanged. If its not broken…

    Truly awful!

  35. Pfff, people are just too afraid of change. Personally I like the new logo quite a bit. Way more unique and creative than the last one. I mean, the last one was just the google designed Android guy on a skateboard, this new one is entirely their own design. 

  36. Its April 1. again? This is got to be a joke. Awful. Childish.

  37. Seriously, this is the same shit that happens every time facebook changes their layout. People hate it and try to justify why the old version was better. And then eventually they realize that it’s just as good if not better.

    1. Yeah! Definitely, because when MySpace did a big redesign several years ago, it went over great! oh, wait…

  38. no ICS for OG Droid and now this?   

    1. Why do you still have an OG Droid?!

  39. Tbh I don’t care

    Its CM, that is good enough to me whatever the boot animation might be
    end of.

  40. Did they ask a preschool class to submit those designs? The one they picked out of all the rest was the best but that isn’t saying much at all. Seriously, I could puke a better logo. In the words of Gob Bluth….C’mon!

  41. For me anything is better than the skateboard Andy.  I am a really big fan of cyanogenmod, but I did not feel that as a user, that the skateboard was representative of me.  To me when you think of a person who skateboards, you think of a burn out, somebody who has no drive and hangs out at a skate park falling every time they try to drop into the bowl.  

    Also sometimes, less is more.

  42. BOOO i will being changing boot animations :(

  43. Absolutely terrible

  44. cyAndy.   Make a Robot out the A for Android and throw him on levitation surf board.

  45. stupid. i love the new CM9 boot screen. if they change it ill always change it back myself.

  46. its really bad! I mean for EFFS! sake…. so its an evolution from robot to human?? Ummmm no. Next please.

  47. CyanogenMod who? didnt know they still did ROM’s

  48. Horrible and completely unnecessary.  It sounds like the general consensus is that we all hate it.  Is this an April Fools joke?  

  49. This is the fugliest piece of sh*t i have every seen. They need to change this and now.

  50. rAndy is cool, but I think I liked Alessandro Mattiuzzo’s better.

  51. I came in there just to complain and add my .02

  52. Wow, that is… freakin awful!

  53. That looks horrible.

  54. I like it but I can’t help hearing “RAAAAAAAANDY” from Aziz Ansari’s standup special.

  55. To quote the three girls on the Geico commercial , “Eww. Seriously? So gross!”

  56. There are only three good things about this logo:

    1. CM really needed a new logo
    2. It looks properly and professionally done
    3. The circle within the mascot is a good touch

    Now for the bad things (in my opinion)
    1. The way the head, legs, arms, and hands are done is not indicative of android at all
    2. CM’s ‘Cyan’ signature color is now gone from the logo, there’s no reason to drop just a good brand-awareness type of color style from the logo
    3. Is this supposed to be a robot, an alien, or some morph of both?  Is it no longer clearly defined (the style of head just doesn’t at all work with the style of the android ecosystem)
    4. I would have preferred to see an evolution, rather than a flat out replacement of the mascot
    5. Very subjective…  I just don’t like the new mascot logo, it’s ugly.

  57. question is: “WHY”?
    why you need to change it. current one is a symbol adopted already by millions

  58. That’s the most stupid thing I’ve seen all day. That’s a thousand times worse than that new Phandroid logo that never really went over that looked like a guy who wanted to sell you drugs and get you to do porn. At least you could associate the image of the (abandoned, I’m guessing?) “new” Phandroid logo with what you’ve already seen.
    This…this just sucks. I think someone’s kid at TeamDouche drew this.

  59. Looks like a creepy alien, no thanks. CyanogenMod 9 ftw though.

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