Apr 3rd, 2012

Alright, first off. I’m not trying to incite a flame war here, I promise. But, wow. I had no idea this kind of sentiment was going ’round the internet. I mean, I’ve oft read in our comments that iOS users can be a bit “stuck up,” thinking of their iPhone as more of a status symbol than a utility. Well, then I came across these posts from iPhone users on Twitter who weren’t exactly welcoming to the flood of new Android Instagram users “late to the party as usual.” Here’s just a few of the more ignorant comments posted on Twitter today. If you’re feeling a bit more masochistic, you can get your blood boiling further by following an all new Twitter account dedicating to retweeting posts just like these from some of the internet’s finest. Oh, and please — keep it PG-13 in the comments. We can all voice our opinions in a civil manner, right?