CyanogenMod 9 nightlies now available for more devices

The CyanogenMod team had some issues with their servers a couple of weeks ago. After receiving some great support from the community, the team was able to raise enough money for new hardware, and things are ready to go. The take-off has been quite rewarding, and CyanogenMod has just added some devices to the CM9 nightly builds availability.

New Devices with CM9 Nightly Builds:

If your device is listed, just click on the links above to head to the CyanogenMod website and download your custom ROMs. As always, remember that installing a custom ROM (as well as rooting your device, which is necessary for this) can affect the functionality of your device, and there is a risk of “bricking” it. If this happens, the responsibility falls solely on your hands, so be careful.

With that said – who is trying CyanogenMod 9?

[Via: Android Police]

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  • Alek Tritt

    If it had face unlock I would switch, but I’m too happy with that on my tf101 right now.

    • branon

      howis ICS on tf101?

      • Alek Tritt

        It’s great besides all the issues.

        • Zev

          I dont have any issues. Except my TF101 wouldnt charge for a few days. But I think that’s my fault. not ICS’s.

          • Alek Tritt

            I get random reboots and I can’t take panoramic pictures. It’s been that way on every ova room I’ve tried, but the same roms have worked fine for my friend’s tf101 so I don’t know.
            On Mar 5, 2012 5:45 PM, “Disqus”

    • Pkmmte

      I can’t find face unlock on my TF201. =(

      • Alek Tritt

        I don’t think it comes stock.

    • James G

      face unlock is the only reason holding you from switching… lol

      • Alek Tritt

        I know it’s dumb but it’s so cool!

    • Zev

      how did you get/find face unlock on your TF101.

      • Alek Tritt

        Revolver beta rom.

        • Zev

          Ah. that makes much more sense. 

  • Covert_Death

    foooook yes, cyanogen on my tab 10.1 wifi! hooora

  • tyler

    No vzw tab?):

  • James G

    I’ve had cm9 on my atrix for a few weeks now. Its great! Shout out to Jokersax for the awesome work.

    • AceCurry

      How is it? I stayed away since it is still in alpha.

      • James G

        Its really good! The only issue I see is that you cant start a web browser in portrait mode and the flip it to landscape (it crashes) and video recorder doesn’t work. I’m on beta 0.1.0 too, so some of that may have been fixed. Joxersax didnt release the changelog for beta 0.2.0 last time I checked.

        • DYNK

          Its fine with me. I’m typing with cm9 browser right now portrait and landscape.

    • juan campos

       where do go to do this to my atrix

  • Ryan

    I have CM9A on my Captivate. Not bad

  • Ryan

    Wifi doesn’t work yet, but other then that its great

  • C-Law

    Is anyone using these nightlies on their vzw gnex? Or is aokp still the better choice for stability?

    • Patrick Shehan

      The (early) nightly I tried for the GNex seemed pretty stable, but the issue was that it was missing a lot of features AOKP (and even CM7) has. I would stay with AOKP for now.

  • Robert Day

    If only it was available on the Telus version of the S2…. Sigh

  • peanutsrevenge

    Why oh WHY did I get the HTC Sensation instead of the galaxy S II.
    Damn my impatience (T-Mobile had the Sensation but would have had to wait for the SII at the time).

    • aeok18109

      My GF got the S2. Im  also stuck with the Sensation. i want CM9 :(

  • ShangTsung702

    I’ve been running it on my Tab 10.1 WiFi for about 2 weeks now.  KANG is a better build (sorry to say it CM9 team :( ).  However, CM9’s battery life blows KANG’s build out of the water. There are more features with KANG that are definitely absent in CM9.

    So if KANG can make battery life match or exceed CM9, then KANG > CM9. Right now KANG = CM9.

  • Mark

    It’s under the security section of settings

  • Mark

    Sorry the facial unlock I mean

  • ingua2

    ICS on my OG Droid without CM-fail.  Nice.