CyanogenMod reaches its donations goal; Android community never stops surprising us


It is times like this when I can honestly say that I am proud to be part of this community, and wouldn’t trade it for anything. The great support and comradery that revolves around the little green robot is unbeatable. CyanogenMod has just announced that they have reached their donations goal, only some hours after asking the community for support.

This has to be some kind of record, but the labels are needless here. We all want our smartphones to continue being awesome, and there is no doubt the CyanogenMod team is a great contributor to this. That is all the satisfaction we need. Now the team is able to afford the Xeon-class servers, and the CM9 and CM7.2 projects are able to continue to their conclusion.

Now let’s wait for these guys to finish their work! We are sure all that cash is not going to waste. Sound off in the comments to let us know why you think the Android community rocks!

[Source: CyanogenMod]

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  1. Android would not be the same without cyonagen. Keep up the good work.

  2. Now that you have my money lets work on that stable version of cm9 for my touchpad

  3. This is why we love Android, and it’s open nature.

  4. Take a note manufacturers, updates are important to your customers. And those willing to provide them will receive our love and our money.

    1. Don’t announce that too loudly or it will be $12.99 to get next OS update on our phones lol

      1. If they had a rom as awesome as cyanogens, no bloat, and were pretty fast at updating I would be tempted. It would at least give manufacturers a reason to put effort into supporting devices for 2 years+.

        That said, I don’t really think any manufacturers have roms up to par when it comes to paying for them at the moment.

  5. Developers, Manufacturers, LISTEN UP. Give us updates fast and keep us updated. This is clearly what the android community and every android user wants. Give to your users and they will buy your products! Motorola…I’m looking at you. Also at all the others, but mainly at you…

    1. Agreed on motorola, I own the 4G LTE Moto Xoom and im just extremely regretful i didnt go a different way. Ive been lookin and lookin for news on ICS 4.0 cuz the wifi only xooms got it a month ago. Looks like my xoom doesn’t even have a launch date yet. never again will i go Moto, you guys really need to get it together, its pretty bad when your customer wants to pay over $200 just to get out of my verizon contract so i can sell this tab and get something else. i realize verizon has a lot to do with the release but regardless, they need to work together to make sumthin happen and make their customers happy for fucks sake

      1. it’s not moto, it’s verizon: “carrier testing.” Sprint pulled this shit with the HTC Evo View

  6. Our Android community is like our world. I truly believe when we unite behind a common cause, the impossible is made possible.

  7. Ill never buy a Motorola…..the updates never come and they lied countless times

    1. Dumb statement considering they ALL promise updates and rarely deliver or if they do, it’s a little too late.

  8. That’s why I would also never give up being in the Android community for any other system! We rock

  9. Where manufacturers fail, placing their crap software on pure Android, and then not updating it when newer fw comes out, we have CM!

  10. i didnt donate yet i will reap the benefits of those of you who like to give out ur money! hooray for me, free software! >:)    NAH just joking, i donated 50 bucks, hope thunderbolt lands on the CM device list sometime soon lol

  11. Lets not turn this into a “Let’s slag off the manufacturers” comments section.

    This is all about how awesome android users and Cyanogen are.

    P.s. The android community rock because we are not sheep and do not buy a product just because everybody else is buying into the hype.

    We buy because of the community and people like Cyanogen who keep pushing the movement forward.

  12. Evo 4g???? I’m wondering if it will see cm9, we have a couple alphas and betas but I would really like some ice cream cyanogenmod!

    1. Most ALL roms are stuck due to lack of a RIL. This is something that the cyanogenmod team has little control over and are waiting for MFGs to release updates so that they can extract the proprietary data that the MFGs keep locked away. You can’t slam cyanogenmod for not supplying data that they don’t have. 10 to 1 your a pompous dick who’s a  ungrateful for anything.

  13. Typical GNU type of community.

    It’s amazing what happens when people do things for eachother rather than themselves only!

  14. Its why I’m GNU for life. Everyone says blah blah blah about Android they want. Being part of Linux since 1994 I only seen this type of kindness and generosity in this community from developer to user. If Linux was a country there would be a waiting list to get citizenship. Funny thing Apple users and Window users can attack are phones and the Android or even Linux OS. We have something they will never have a tight community bond. HAIL ANDROID HAIL LINUX

  15. Thank god for other developers besides CM.

  16. Just kicked in $5 anyway.  Used CM7.1 for 6 months on my last phone and it’s certainly an inspiration for hundreds of other ROMs out there.

  17. Who says Android users are greedy and want everything for free?

    Awesome news. Now, I just need to get to a phone that is officially supported by the Cyanogenmod team. This X2 crap is getting old. Man did Motorola take a huge dump on me. Never again.

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