Feb 18th, 2012

Ever since the day the Ice Cream Sandwich source code was released, most of us have eagerly been waiting for CM9. The huge changes in code meant that the task of the team was already an extremely difficult one. Unfortunately, they face another obstacle: funding.

Cyanogen posted earlier today the need for some cash to help maintain and distribute the source code.

As you may know, our nightly builds have recently been sporadic at best. The reason behind this is that previously, we had access to a large compute cluster to perform these builds. This was really great, and gave us all the power we needed to pump out 50+ builds a day. Unfortunately, we no longer have access to this cluster, and have not for quite some time. With CM9 coming up, and CM7.2 ready to go out the door, we are now in quite a bit of a mess.

So come on, people. Let’s contribute in whatever way we can, even if it means not ordering fries the next time we eat out, or canceling that gym subscription that we never use. The PayPal link is at the bottom of the CyanogenMod website.

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