Hear ye! Hear Ye! CyanogenMod needs our help


Ever since the day the Ice Cream Sandwich source code was released, most of us have eagerly been waiting for CM9. The huge changes in code meant that the task of the team was already an extremely difficult one. Unfortunately, they face another obstacle: funding.

Cyanogen posted earlier today the need for some cash to help maintain and distribute the source code.

As you may know, our nightly builds have recently been sporadic at best. The reason behind this is that previously, we had access to a large compute cluster to perform these builds. This was really great, and gave us all the power we needed to pump out 50+ builds a day. Unfortunately, we no longer have access to this cluster, and have not for quite some time. With CM9 coming up, and CM7.2 ready to go out the door, we are now in quite a bit of a mess.

So come on, people. Let’s contribute in whatever way we can, even if it means not ordering fries the next time we eat out, or canceling that gym subscription that we never use. The PayPal link is at the bottom of the CyanogenMod website.

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. interesting, so i guess all the donations made went for triping and drinking :)))

  2. Donated $5 earlier this morning. I can’t afford much at this point, but CM’s been good to me, and deserves support!

  3. It’s one thing to mention they need funding, but when I come to a site that is riddled with ads begging for donations, that’s ridiculous. Sure, it’s for something else, I know it’s for cyanogen, but this article has made me lose some respect for this site. It’s for news, not donations. Post able the news, about them needing help funding their work, don’t tell us to cut back our spending in order to donate our money.

    1. Are you kidding? The News is Cyanogen Mod needs our help. Donate or Don’t. 

    2. Don’t post something like that on here, you will get famed by Android fanboys.

      1. Dont wanna end up Famed.

      2.  that was a Phandroid Phail

      3. Don’t post something like that on here if you don’t know basic English.

        1. It’s not my fault for not born here.

          1.  That’s no excuse.

          2. o yea, you are right, i should have said “it’s my fault for making you read my comment”. 

            my bad. 

          3. My point was that it seems as if you speak exceptional English. You used the fact that you didn’t originate from an English speaking country as an excuse to sound like a tard lol. Epic fail.

          4. @NYCHitman1:disqusif i born here, my english will be much more better. but i dont, i came from china. this is my 3rd yr in the US. im not using that as an excuse, it the truth.  

          5. JulianZHuang – Your posts are welcome with me whether they are written in perfect English or not.  My Mandarin is terrible.

      4. It’s one thing to post that they need help.  However to use this site as a means of getting donations for yourself or others is wrong.  That is not what this site was about, or at least that’s what I though.  I am a die-hard Android fanatic, but I feel this article has crossed a boundary that should not have been crossed.  This is a news site, not a donations site.  Keep the articles professional, that is all I am asking.  As for being flamed, let them flame me.  I don’t care, this is the internet and people tend to grow a pair when they speak over the internet.  I am speaking my personal, professional opinion and I have every right to do so.  Anybody telling me I’m wrong are obviously ignorant.  It’s what I believe, how they feel about it is not my concern.

    3. It’s expensive to maintain a site and servers, you have no idea what it costs, so to suggest anything otherwise is ignorant, they obviously need donations, or they wouldn’t ask for it.  You assume they are racking up advertising dollars, but i am sure they do not generate that much.

      1. This site is for news.  It’s not for one’s personal gain.  They need money, I have no problem with them posting that, it’s the last paragraph where the editor is asking/telling us to make donations I have issues with.  They crossed a line when it comes to professional journalism.   Asking for money, donations or any other transaction for personal use towards yourself or another is very unprofessional and I do not see there being any excuse for that.  

        also note, I am not talking about Cyanogen asking for money, I am talking about this website. This website is a site that we come to for news, and as a community we all come together when needed. With that said, as a professional journalist/editor, this article should not be asking for money or telling us that we need to budget our money better so we can afford to donate. This is abusing a website for personal use and as a professional jourlist/editor, that is one thing you should never do; unless some of the editors for this site are do not consider themselves professional. I will still keep this site one of my favorites, for now. I just hope I don’t see another article begging for people’s money. If there is ever a need for a fund raiser, announce the site, and people what it’s for. But DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT ask/beg for people to give away their money. Just refer them to the site where they can do so if they choose to do so. Telling us to better budget our money in order to donate is low, and this site can do much better than that. Much respect for this site has been lost.

  4. In for 5. Thanks for the heads up phandroid.

  5. Could I let them borrow a device so they could develop a ROM for it???

    1.  Borrow is never good enough. ROMs are never “done” unless they are abandoned.

    2. you could GIVE them a device, but don’t expect it back… i would expect it to get bricked, its my assumption that when trying to figure out bootloaders and encryption they brick new devices quite often (by new i mean new to them). go on XDA and pm a CM dev that is working on a device similar to yours (mostly by manufacturer and screen res) and ask him if he/she had time, or would be interested in deving for your phone if one was given to them….

      by the way what the hell phone do you have that doesent have a cm build or a kang of one?

  6. Nemisi06, go start your own Android news site if you don’t like it here. They can post whatever they want, and to me cyanogenmod needing help is newsworthy, they have contrubuted in a huge way to making our phones better. Donation on the way!

    1. you can use the “@” feature or the “reply” feature. just sayin. 

      1. I don’t get it why are you here if you don’t like android? Lmaoo

        1. i dont love or hate android, it just that my galaxy nexus doesnt offer what i wanted. 

          battery life, faster browsing, and couple other things. 

          the reason im here is just for the news.

  7. If you use CM and aren’t donating, stop using CM right now.

    If you can’t do that and can’t live without CM, then fucking donate people! They work hard to give you something and if you like it, reward them for their hard work. How much is CM worth to you? Not asking how much you feel like donating, but *how much it is worth to you*. If it’s worth $100, donate it. If it’s worth $50 or $20, then donate it! If you feel like it is worth $500 to you, then donate it!!

  8. I don’t wanna live in a world without cyanogen mod. They’ve done so much…loads of developers / roms use their contributions. I’m in.

  9. Kondik may have doomed Cyanogen by going to Samsung and then referring to Cyanogen as a ‘side project’.  

    Nothing against the guy, by the way, and I have given money to them already, but knowing that the founder is part time makes it harder to support a project.  

    1. The founder was full time before?

    2. You really expect someone to work full time on custom android roms? How the hell are they suppose to make a living then?

  10. im donating $50, but it would b nice to see the TBolt officially supported by CM. 

  11. I don’t have an issue with the article in general. Cm has been a huge part of Android since the beginning and I hope they stay around. My issue is with the last paragraph.

    You see, it’s one thing to post that they developers need funding. It’s one thing to post a link so those interested in donating know where to go, but it’s another to come straight out and ask for donations. There is a fine line between right and wrong when it comes to professional journalism, and the last paragraph clearly asking for donations crossed that line. “not order fries”, “cancel your gym membership”? That is my issue. Not only is the editor asking for donations, he’s asking us to make changes in our personal lives in order to make donations.

    I’m not canceling my gym membership to donate, and I am willing to donate. i’m just stating that the way this article was posted is highly unprofessional and I hope to not see anything like this again. I am a die hard Android fan and long time supporter. I have owned many Android device, and hate apple with a passion. And my complaint has nothing to do with Android (funny how people peg me as an Android hater).

    I just feel the editor needs to find a better way to approach certain issues. Say what you want, I am an editor, a journalist, Web designer/graphic designer. There are certain guidelines that you do not want to cross as a professional and this is one of those lines.

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