Motorola Could Receive 2.25% From Microsoft Products Thanks To German Court’s Favor

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s news that Motorola would be seeking 2.25% an iPhone after a patent win against Apple in Germany, it seems the Android OEM is picking up their patents and setting their sights on a new target. According to FossPatents, it seems the German court who sided with Motorola would most likely side with them again in their patent dispute with Microsoft, possibly gaining the same 2.25% for sales of their products like Windows 7, Xbox 360, etc.

The patents in question have to do with Motorola’s video compression and decompression technology, used for reducing bandwidth when streaming video online. We’ll have to wait to see how things turn out but I guess it’s only fitting after the royalties Microsoft has been receiving from Android OEM’s who caved in to their demands.


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  • Kam Siu

    Apple: “how come motorola isn’t suing anyone else. this is a double standard!”
    2 days later….
    Microsoft: “FU Apple…”

    • Cosmin Tarau

      Hahahahahaha mn lmaf man I can’t breath. This is the funnies response.

  • koolkat2

    I wonder if Motorola would be on this rampage if it wasn’t for the one who started this all…..

  • dsass600

    Their on a roll. As long as they stay away from Android OEMs and just go after the people who started this (Apple and Microsoft) I’m all for it. Go Moto!

    • DannyB2

      Remember who is buying Motorola?  I doubt Motorola will go after other Android OEMs.

    • InspectorGadget80

      Same here! Motorola will get every dollar M$ makes money. Like they did with Apple

  • gmaninvan

    Go Motorola, stick it to the patent trolls!

  • AmneonX

    Maybe the power of Motorola will get Microsoft and Apple to chill on the attack on Android.

  • jshaffer21

    its good to see some manufacturers finally fighting back

  • Otis Spunkmeyer

    @Daniel Sasson, it’s HIGHLY unlikely that Motorola will go after any Android OEM’s seeing how Google is buying them, what would they gain by going after phone makers that use their os

    • The Moose Speaks

      If you don’t defend your patent rights, you can end up losing them.  That’s what they gain.

      However, it often doesn’t need to get that far.  Patent licensing quietly happens all the time, more or less amicably.  Often times, a company will do due diligence and inform the patent holder of their need to license the patents.  In cases where they don’t, once the patent holder discovers the violation, they’ll inform the other of the patent violation, the two legal teams work together to determine fair licensing (or reciprocal agreements, if appropriate, where each gets the rights to use each other’s patents) and both sides go away more of less happy. 

      The only time when it gets ugly is when it turns into a measuring contest, with the infringing party trying to prove they’re bigger tools by getting all “Screw you, We’re ‘X’ and we can do whatever we want.  Try and stop us.”  

      • selonmoi

         No. You’re thinking of trademarks.

        • The Moose Speaks

          Thanks for clarifying: You’re wrong.  I am indeed thinking of patents.

          • BulletTooth_Tony

            He was politely telling you that you’re wrong.  Patents are set with an expiration date in all cases, and must be petitioned as they approach that date to be extended – no defense is required, and it’s exclusory only.  Trademarks need to be defended to maintain them, because they provide exclusive rights to the trademark – and this can be achieved thru lawful use of that trademark, not litigation.

      • DannyB2

        You don’t lose your patents by not suing over infringement.  Even if you have what is called “actual knowledge” of the infringement.

        It’s one of the reasons the system is broken.  Just keep your patent low profile until a deep pocketed target appears.

  • moises1204

    hahaha, god is good.

  • easyeee

    Started long ago.. I celebrated when Creative won big cash from Apple. Too bad they squandered it.

  • TheCaprican

    This is Google’s response to the patents trolls.

    • DannyB2

      I think it may be only the beginning of Google’s response.

  • http://Phandroid Pnutt916

    Go Google!!! I mean Moto!!!!

  • Montisaquadeis

    Yeah I am wondering if google didnt put Moto up to these things

  • Josue Aristy

    Yes, beat them all!!

  • Aeires

    Irony at its best.  MS takes a cut from Android OEMs and Motorola (soon to be Google) returns the favor with a huge helping of extra icing on top.

  • DannyB2

    Where are all of the usual ms-trolls and iTrolls supporting patent lawsuits.  After all the plaintiff developed this valuable technology (round rectangles, black bezels, on screen animation placeholder while a background process is running, etc).

    I think the technology Motorola is suing over is substance with real meat.  Not fluff like round rectangles.

  • InspectorGadget80

    Cough up your $$$ money M$ YOURE next on Motorola HIT PATENT LIST

  • ohmesohungry

    It’s good business.  No shame in protecting your assets.  I have no problem with MS collecting from android and no problem with this.  The real idiots are the ones bringing up “patent trolls”.  Take off the fanboy glasses gentlemen.  You look like dbags.

    • ohmesohungry

      Also, I think Moto loses this one.  Just a hunch.  Gotta try though.

  • Guest

    I remember when all the Apple apologists were saying Moto’s patents were basically useless. Well this is a wakeup call. I like MS but they need to pay up too. Apple is the one I really want to cough up the dough.

  • Timothy Moffitt

    It is about time the likes of Motorola and Samsung stand up and can sue for their legimimate innovation and invention such as communication technology etc.
    I am sick of that these patents are then called ‘standard’ and “FRAND’ and the likes of Apple get a free ride.
    Yet they drag these other companies through the courts with BS patents on flat screen / black boarder. Touch screen that has predictive test is the latest they are sueing Samsung for … seriously. It’s the same thing as T9 that has been our for years but Apple can paitent it on Touch screens … Pathetic system.