Feb 7th, 2012

When Google today launched Chrome for Android in beta they did so without support for Adobe Flash. For many users this seemed surprising given the strong push for Flash on Google’s mobile OS after Steve Jobs and Apple refused to allow Adobe’s platform on their iOS devices. The writing, however, was on the wall. Last November Adobe announced that they would discontinue the development of Flash for mobile — save for a few security and bug updates that have trickled out since — and today they are reiterating their stance. Plainly, there is no chance of seeing Flash support in the mobile version of Chrome. They suggest users looking for Flash content in a mobile browser crafted by Google use the stock Android browser.

Adobe will continue to work on their Flash platform, but mostly as it relates to their AIR technology. For interactive and immersive web content the company is focusing their efforts on HTML5. That should make things pretty clear: there won’t be Flash in Chrome for Android. Sorry, folks.

[via Adobe | Thanks to all who sent this in!]

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