Autonome Concept Shows Us Cable-Free Charging Solution For Smartphones


It goes without saying that battery life is a huge concern in the Android space, where juice hungry devices gobble up mAh’s faster than data on Verizon’s LTE. Now, there have been plenty of ideas to help deal with this hard pressing issue, everything from extended batteries, solar powered devices, to the very distant future of devices that can charge themselves.

But this concept design from Francois Rybarczyk deals with the hassle of carrying a charger around with you, especially when we don’t always carry around purses or “murses” (man-purses) to stash them in.

It’s called the Autonome and the concept shows us an extended battery that comes with it’s own built-in fold out plug that eliminates the need to carry around the ‘ol ball and chain, otherwise known as USB charger and cable.

The module acts as a bonus battery, in addition to the standard that stays inside the device. Although the concept unrealistically hopes for a quick 30 second charge on the detachable battery module, a more realistic expectation would be somewhere in the ballpark of around 30-minutes using fast charge technology (coming soon to a Sony device near you). Need a bit more juice? Plug in the module and rely on the standard battery for a few minutes. Not using your device and want even more of a charge? Plug your phone into the wall where you can charge both the standard battery, and bonus module.

Concepts can be fun, although for the most part, they leave techies like me in need of a cold shower afterwards (too much info?). I guess for now, OEM’s should focus on making their devices thinner so that bigger, not just for looks — but so that 3,000mAh batteries could still fit into them, while leaving a relatively slim profile. Even still, concepts like the Autonome with it’s all-in-one solution could prvoe to be helpful for those days when you need to charge. What do you guys think?

[Yanko Design | Via Crave]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Great idea, loose the coords, loose the charger, it’s all built-in.  Hope that it makes it to the market. 

  2. Yea loose the cords, loose the charger, loose the phone because its stuck on the wall. 

    This is retarded.

    1. Updated the post to try and make it more clear. The standard battery stays in the phone. This is a bonus battery that can be charged to give you extra juice when you need it. 

      And if you aren’t actually using the phone, you can plug it into the wall with the module connected to charge BOTH batteries. 

      No cables. No charger. All built in. =)

      1. ok now thats awesome lol.. thanks for clearing it up

  3. The word is “LOSE” not “loose”  
    your arguments are now invalid.

  4. No thanks, my phone doesn’t need its very own built-in wall wart. The number of issues that the creator of this concept hasn’t even thought of are quite numerous which the use of separate cords and charges addresses much better. The bulk this adds to the phone. Industry standards for each plug. (You’re going to want those blades to reach into AND stay in the socket.) The various plugs used around the world, some of which are much bulkier than others. Quick charge = shorter battery life unless the designer has really done their homework.

  5. I do like the idea that you don’t need to carry around a separate charger/USB cable to charge the device. How do you make a phone call or surf the web when it’s charging on the wall?  I guess you’ll need to carry around an extension cord to use it when charging. But then again, 110 or 220 volts right by your head while talking on the phone doesn’t sound too good.

    1. The standard batter stays in the device — it’s just the extra module that can be charged quickly and away from the device. 

  6. I would love this if you could do something like make it hot swapable with the camera module. Then you don’t have to add bulk (theoretically) to the phone. When you think you will need some extra charge and not your camera swap em out. (or vice versa)

  7. Sad you have to explain it ten time’s to people because their TARD’S.

  8. Could you Phandroid guys PLEASE read your articles before posting? Grammar errors, very basic ones, are in almost every single article. In this particular article, the sentence with the “cold shower” reference is missing a word.

    Or hire an editor?

    1. Give it up dude, overall the articles are well written, if you have such an issue maybe you should apply for a writing job and start posting articles but you won’t because people like you have nothing better to do than criticize others.

    2. imagine what it’s like being English, entire words are spelt wrong for me, get over it

  9. This is a stupid idea.

  10. Is it just me or does that seem like a fire waiting to happen?  All I see is the device getting so hot that the battery bursts, and burns down the whole house.  Yipee!

  11. Great idea.  I could see myself buying one.  

  12. Actually a 30 second charge might be possible if they plan to use an ultracapacitor in place of a normal battery. They charge I seconds, I have a mag light sized flashlight that use ultra capacitor tech and charges in seconds. If you use this in combo to discharge to the main battery you could pick up a portion of the main battery’s charge in seconds.

  13. Listen it’s not that far ahead in the future to have something like this. There’s that new tech being researched that allows you to get a 90% charge in something like 15 minutes. If we get to the point where you can fully charge a cellphone in a half an hour, the issue kind of goes away. The way I see it the goals should be:

    -Get battery life to at least a day on all phones
    -Upgrade battery technology, whether it’s charging time or capacity vs thinness
    -Start building in induction charging to all devices. (Imagine having a “table” between waiting area chairs in airports. You simply lay your phone down, it’s charging)
    -The charging station ideas at airports are cool but let’s max that ish out! Make 25 USB ports in a pole/column. 

  14. I like where it is going. I like it even better that “HTC” is on the concept art. *E3D

  15. Looks faggy

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