Latest Transformer Prime OTA Rooted

With new updates to devices often comes a breakage in any existing root method. Such was the case with the Transformer Prime but someone has posted what looks to be a pretty safe method after a rocky start. You might want to read through the full thread (7 pages as of the time of this writing) to make sure you’re in-the-know about any hiccups that may impede your progress. You can find full download links and instructions at the link ahead. [XDA, Thanks Jeff!]

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  • AndroidManiac

    sort of off topic here but I was hoping to pick up either the original transformer or the prime via one of the shopping outlets on a flexpay type thing. None of the shopping channel seem to be carrying Asus tablets any longer though.

    • rada25

      This summer I got one at Amazon and another at Best Buy.  Neither place would let me order two. 

  • Be Logical

    sold out everywhere, can you even buy this thing?

    • 3_Phones_Jugglin

      Best buy Mobile stores have had them for a week or so now…..found hat out yesterday. Even though I purchased mine from Office Depot earlier this month….came in a few days.

    • Dylan Falk-Hutchings

      Bought mine last week at :). Got next day shipping for about $30 extra (plus they dont charge ca tax) and i literally got it next day (ordered it thurs got it friday afternoon).