CyanogenMod 9 Music Player Brings Custom Features To Stock Music App – Now Available For Download

A few weeks ago we told you guys about the custom CyanogenMod 9 Music app coming soon to the Android Market that adds loads of tweaks and new features to the stock Android 4.0 Google Music app. Well, even though it’s not officially available from the Android Market, you can still try it out for yourself via the developer’s blog for the app.

In it’s current form, the CM9 Music app will only work on devices running on Android 4.0 and will not stream music from your Google Music account (no doubt a make or break for most). The app’s developer, Andrew Neal, did mention that the app will arriving in the Android Market shortly and although he hopes to backport CM9 Music “as much as possible” — it will come with a cost. Older versions of Android will lose some features like notification and lockscreen controls. I, for one, can’t wait to give it a whirl on my Gingerbread running Samsung Epic 4G Touch once available.

Still, with its customizable theme engine, gestures and notification controls, the CyanogenMod 9 Music app is a great option for those that like to jam out to their favorite music stored their SD card. Hit up the source link for the download.

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  • victor a

    Shame you use gb…I’d expect more

    • Chris Chavez


  • d1m1m1

    It won’t stream music from Google!? TO HELL WITH THAT MUSIC APP!!

    • Robert Jerina

      yep, deal breaker for me too

    • sc0rch3d

      i actually have no reason to want more features. a lot of the CM9 Kang’s are using GMusic’s stock app and adding DSPmanager as the default app handling sound effects. combined with the lockscreen widget, that works great with me.

      also, all my music is on GMusic…i don’t have anything to side load.

    • manofaction


  • jjrudey

    I thought you meant the stock 4.0 app. Not the 2.3 one. Oh well.

    (All my music is on Google Music)

  • Del373

    I’ll just stick with good ol’ Google Music…

  • tomaSconnie

    You think the woz will run cm9 on his gnex?…just read the article on cnet. love the apple’s for dummies approach lol ;-)

  • Andr3ww

    Chris, I thought you had an Evo 3D?

  • Kian Ryan

    I’m using the player on a S2 running the “experimental” CM9 build.  Being in the UK, we don’t have access to Google Music, and to be quite honest, when Sandisk comes out with their 128GB SD card I’m not really going to miss it.

    The player is a great user experience, and a definite bonus from the stock player (which still smells strongly of gingerbread), and for non US users, a better experience than the Google Music app.

  • brian

    Or you could get a real music player like power amp. I have Google music and it kinda sucks. It hasn’t even come along much from the beta version. But power amp will play your cached music from Google so that’s the way to go I would say.

  • Leo Aguillon

    Not for GNex users what a pity.

    • renGek

      ?? I’m running it on the GN now.

  • Jose Moretta

    so it will look pretty but no functionality  to stream. How dumb is that . 

  • GawkerRedesignSucks

    All I want is the ability to long press the volume up/down keys to switch tracks.  That’s one of the main things I miss about CM7, and I’m not flashing CM9 until there is a stable release.