3G Equipped ASUS Transformer Prime Not Hitting Anytime Soon


If you were holding out on the current ASUS Transformer Prime in hopes of a 3G compatible version with your favorite carrier you may want to exhale. Chances are looking pretty slim for a 3G equipped T-Prime dropping this year with the company saying in a statement, “no such product exists on its current roadmap.” Bummer. Well, at least you can finally justify purchasing the more high-def TF700T model we got our hands on at CES last week, launching in Q2 of this year.

Anyone upset at this news or do WiFi-only tablets keep you more than satisfied?

[Engadget via FocusTaiwan]

Chris Chavez
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  1. I feel WiFi ones are all that’s really needed. If I want connection I would hot spot my phone no need to get stuck in another contract, and plus I have 4G anyhow so even better.

    1. Word. It’s funny cuz I thought most people hated buying an extra data plan for a tablet when most already have one on their superphone.. =p

  2. 3d keap ot give us the 7 inch asus tab for $250 already!

  3. I actually like having a tablet with its own 4G connection in addition to wifi. In business, better to have an insrant connection than have to…..wait, let me turn on my hotspot. Wait. I’m on a call. I can’t connect and talk. Wait. I’m in a cab on the way into town. I dont have enough battery for both… Wait. I……

  4. No cell connection = no deal.  Sorry Asus.  You guys rock, but you need a 3G/4G radio otherwise you won’t be able to tear me away from my Xoom.

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