Hulu Plus App Hacked To Support More Devices [Download]


If you’re currently a Hulu Plus subscriber but found that your device wasn’t officially supported by the official Android app, you may want to listen up. A developer named Vgeezy over on XDA has succesfully hacked the Hulu Plus app to support “any” Android device and while we wish we could report this was 100% true, we did find that there are still a few odd devices (like the Logitech Revue) that are having trouble running the app.

Before you ask — NO, this modified version of the Hulu Plus app will not give you free access to paid content. A paid subscription is still very much required if you want to watch your favorite shows and movies. Download links for the portrait and landscape version have been supplied below.

Download ModHuluPlus App

Download Landscape ModHuluPlus App

Since there’s not quite a confirmed lists of unsupported devices, feel free to leave a comment if you were having trouble getting the app up and running on your device. Good luck!

[XDA Developers]

[Via KnowYourCell | AndroidCommunity]

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  1. Awesome, decided to go with the landscape version, works great on Samsung Exhibit II 4G.

  2. Neither apk will install on the Tmobile Galaxy Tab 10.1. Just thought you should know

    1. I was able to install the landscape version on the galaxy tab 10.1 wifi version.  The ui is a bit buggy and I experienced many streaming error messages.  So close.  Does anyone know why Hulu doesn’t support any samsung devices.  They support the nexus s but that’s a Google device.  Just curious as to what kind of rift is going on between the 2 companies.

      Not near as clean as the native nexus s app.

  3. Anyone get it working on the 3g t-mobile vibrant?

  4. Anyone know why there are not any Samsung Android devices supported by Hulu?  Nexus s doesn’t count because it is a Google phone manufactured for Google by Samsung.

  5. Works on Galaxy Nexus at 4.5. Won’t go 4.7. Nice to have it back!

  6. Works flawless on htc rezound.

  7. Works on Galaxy Nexus and ASUS Transformer Prime. Won’t go full screen on either (nav bar still shows), but that’s a small and petty gripe. Cheers to whomever made this hack!

  8. Can anyone confirm it working well on the OG Transformer? I have a version on there now, but it doesn’t work very well/at all sometimes.

  9. Works on the OG Droid. Sweet.

  10. Works flawlessly, and in full screen mode, on DROIDX.

  11. Thanks for the heads up, works great on my Transformer Prime with ICS. Using landscape mode.

  12. I actually got to download the Mod version of Hulu on my Moto Xoom LTE while riding into work this morning on the bus and I watched an episode of the office Season 7.  It is a little buggy but I did get to watch episode.  When I got into work, I then downloaded the Landscape version to my computer (since it wouldn’t download on my Xoom) and then emailed the attachment to myself and downloaded it as an attachment from my email account on my Xoom and it replaced the other one.  The Landscape version seems to be more buggy then the Mod version.  I will unistall the Landscape and just use the Mod version.  When you play a video it still shows in Landscape anyway so it’s no big deal. 

  13. was able to install on my samsung galaxy tab, can sign in & even see my queue, but cannot play video! Getting an error message after endless buffering saying “It appears upi are having network issues. Please try again later…” Even though I know I’m not having network issues. PLEASE HELP!!! SO CLOSE!!!

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