Touch-Based Recovery Version of Clockwork Mod Recovery Now Available for Galaxy Nexus [Video]

If you’re tired of working those volume and power buttons in on your Galaxy Nexus to death you’ll want to pay attention. UnstableApps – a developer over at RootzWiki  – has introduced a touch-enabled version of Clockwork Mod Recovery for at least the CDMA version of the Galaxy Nexus

You’ll still get that same classic Clockwork interface (which is absolutely overloaded in cyan) but you’ll now get navigation buttons at the bottom of it all. Check out the goods in the video above and head to RootzWiki for downloads and instructions. Also remember that anything you do to your phone is your own responsibility. With that disclaimer out of the way, have fun! [via Droid-Life]

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  • Superguy

    Great.  Now how about just a real (i.e. nonhacked) version for us Rezound users too?

  • Anthony

    if only these phones had touch screens…

  • Nathan Grebowiec

    Just uploaded beta 1 :)

  • Daren

    Ok guys I need some help! I switched to t mobile yesterday from sprint because of problems with my friend not paying at all. They talked me into the g2x at 99 bucks .. but I don’t like it! Slow kinda laggy compared to evo 3d! Should I get the sensation or is the amaze rraklu much better? Also looking at the galaxy s 2 but always been a fan of HTC sense..

    • Jason DiCioccio

      You should get a Value plan so that you’re not paying for t-mobile subsidies and then buy whatever phone you want.  Including, for example, an unlocked Galaxy Nexus.  The ability to have a plan without paying subsidies is the beauty of T-Mobile, imo.

  • romma

    4ext has been out for a few months. It does the same thing. I am a cwm guy, so I’ll wait for it to come out for wider use so I can use in on my Incredible 2. 

  • kyle_gibson

    Why not for everyone else? As far as I know I dont think there are volume rocker/power button issues with Gnex…. Also is it really JUST for the gnex or anything running on ics?

  • Sonelone

    With a name like that, I’m not so sure I want to try it.

  • Daren

    I still need help. T mobile galaxy s 2 or HTC amaze?

  • Michael Moore

    What no love for the rest of us like the Droid X