Swype Getting Android 4.0 Support in End-of-Month Beta Update


Swype users who have migrated over to the Galaxy Nexus have been missing their finger-dragging action unless they’ve gotten the version that was adapted by the community. If you’ve been waiting for some official love from Swype you won’t be waiting much longer.

They’ve tweeted that an end-of-month update will be hitting their beta users with the rest of the pack getting a taste of their new Ice Cream-infused keyboard coming to the stable channel a bit later on. We’ll bring you the news the day it comes out but without an official date we’ll just have to keep our eyes on that Twitter account everyday. [Swype Twitter via Android Community]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Nice. Looking forward to it. 

  2. Or install this apk right now. No root required. Thanks to the guys at XDA-Dev


    Source :

    1. I use the XDA version on my Galaxy Nexus. One thing is strange though: The data usage is insane. This much swype used up 650 MB so far. Something is wrong here…

  3. Unfortunately I’ve given up on Swype since they’ve replaced the native ICS voice recog in their keyboard with the dragon suck voice recog.  
    Unless they make that key configurable, I wont be using it anymore – which is sad because I love swype.

    (And no I’m not dragging down my notification bar everytime I want to use VR – anyone who recommends that is an idiot)

    1. Ooooh that’s great news as Voice Recog on the Galaxy NExus is screwed up for UK users.

  4. I have an ICS rom on my N1 and downloaded the official swype beta. It works, and seems to be the updated version (with the new weird microphone icon and the yellow trace), so I think this is already “out”

    /// i know youre talking about stabe release, but there is no stable channel for N1

  5. I really enjoy swype on my Galaxy 5″ Player, I hope its the same.

  6. I used the version XDA linked one and it was ok for a bit then today it kept not recognizing simple words such as with and I Hello, and every word I typed it kept asking if I wanted to add to my dictionary. I uninstalled and will wait for official version.

    1. Same thing happened to me.  You hit the language button by the space bar (left), hit it again to change back to english.  Seems like a funny design to make it so easy to switch to spanish.

  7. Huh?  I installed SlideIT (along with its ICS skin) within the first few days of me getting the Galaxy Nexus.  It works great and looks great.

    I never have appreciated how Swype is not available on the market.  But even if it was, I wouldn’t change.  I’ve tried Swype, and I really prefer SlideIT.

  8. @Mike Shelton, I had the same thing. Checked settings adds realized it had converted the language to Spanish. Changed back to English and fine ever since.

  9. I never even thought to check that. I loved it except for even I’d be swyping along and hit the home button by accident, lol.

  10. Is this ever coming out of beta?  I’d love to try it on my phone…  I have it on my Galaxy Tab 10.1, but it’s buggy as hell and more frustration than it’s worth.  But it seems to work fine on my mothers LG Rev.

    1. never, and already did.
      the beta isn’t a “we aren’t done yet, but you get to try early”
      they have the beta releases, and whatever ends up being useful and stable enough ends up in the stable releases.
      most people won’t get to see these stable releases though, since these are distributed directly to manufacturers and carriers who then integrate it into their roms.
      so if you want to use the “final”/stable releases of swype you will have to buy a “with swype” phone/tablet

  11. from what i read swype itself already worked fine on ICS, but the language-pack system was broken restricting people to english/spanish swyping only.

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