Crunchyroll Adds Google TV Support – Watch Your Favorite Anime Or Dramas On The Big Screen

When it comes to Google TV, one could say it’s more of a niche market than anything. So what happens when you combine one niche with another like Japanese anime? Pure magic. Well, if samurais and robot maids are your thing. Crunchyroll has finally added Google TV support to their popular anime viewing app, giving free and premium users the ability to watch all their favorite anime from the comfort of their living rooms.

There’s a myriad of content offering everything from G-rated material, to more mature themes (stay away from anything that mentions “tentacle” in the description — don’t say I didn’t warn you) and even non-anime like Korean/Japenese dramas (read: soap operas). Crunchyroll also mentioned they plan to introduce 720p HD videos sometime early next year so be on the lookout for that.

You can download Crunchyroll for free right now from Android Market on your Google TV or Android powered smartphone.

[Via GTVSource]

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  • koolkat2

    Mmmm tentacles

    • Chris Chavez


  • richardbrown423

    Great application if you are an anime, fan even better now that it can more easily be viewed on your telivision.

  • zin11

    couldnt watch shit w.o premium membership. tried both dramas and anime. meh.

    • Chris Chavez

      Really? Just fired up Bleach and it worked fine. Did you click “No thanks”???

      • zin11

        if u mean accepting 2 week premium trial, no. I was under assumption that free registering would have limited access w/ ads. it doesnt allow you to view anything i tried. old, new, popular, anime, non anime.

        • Chris Chavez

          Not sure if I accepted anything.. I hope not. I just clicked “No thanks” and now I’m watching Bleach? =/

          • victor

            wow you watch bleach? didnt expect bleach or even anime fans among top dogs

          • aeok18109

            Bleach is awesome. Been reading the manga for 10 years. Bring back Grimjoww. That is all. :) Ginjo needs to go to the place reserved for Lurichiyo and most of the bounts…..

  • kei

    Screw google tv support how bout they provide hq support for their android app to premium users.

  • Excedra89

    Am I the only one who thinks that Crunchyroll sucks? There are way better anime and Manga apps for the android. 
    For Anime there is Droid Anime and FreeWatchAnime. Droid Anime is like way better though, but has a smaller list of Anime. FreeWatchAnime has a large list, but is not good in many ways. 
    For Manga, nothing beats PocketManga. It rules

  • bluevoodo

    Good, I hope this means Google TV is picking up steam.