Dec 26th, 2011

We’ve seen quite a few Android gaming handsets make their way out of China and while the JXD S7100 doesn’t look much different, it’s what this handset has on the inside that really caught our eye. Boasting specs more along the lines of a Galaxy S II device, the JXD offers almost the same processor with a dual-core Cortex A-9 processor and Mali 400 graphics core powering the device. This makes the JXD more than capable of most graphics intensive Android titles as long as they don’t require anything over Android 2.2, which the device comes shipped with. Also found inside the device is 512MB of RAM, 2MP rear/.3MP front facing cameras, 16GB of internal storage and HDMI out. A huge 7-inch touchscreen display can be found on front with a resolution of 800×480.

The JXD S7100 laughably advertises “Apple games” and most will find greater use with the available emulator apps for Android than its own custom app center. I’d say the most appeal is in its $140 price-tag making this an almost instant buy should you come across this at your local swap meet. If you want to see the JXD in action, check out the video below — oh, and you’re going to want to turn your speakers up.

[Electronista | Gadgeteer via DroidDog]