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Pro Tip: Take Photos During Video Recording with the Galaxy Nexus


With Android 4.0’s updated camera software, the Galaxy Nexus has quite a few tricks up its sleeve for blossoming photographers. Time lapse video and sweeping panoramic views are just the tip of the ice berg. Here’s one feature that you will hopefully be as pleasantly surprised to discover as I was.

While using the camera in video mode, tapping the screen will take a snapshot of the scene without interrupting video recording (a red box around the viewfinder means you’re doing it right). Results aren’t as instant as when using the camera in photo mode and you lack the ability to refine the shot’s focus and adjust other parameters, but the functionality insures the best of both worlds, allowing you to capture life’s precious moments without missing a beat. Opinions may vary on the image quality of the Galaxy Nexus’ 5MP camera, but you can’t argue with the rich set of capabilities Google has built into the Ice Cream Sandwich software.

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  1. Does anyone else have any issues with the red eye remover? I cant seem to get it to work on eyes. It will remove just about everything in the picture that is red, except eyes. Any suggestions?

    1. Ive experienced the same thing as you.

    2. Yeah, it’s pretty much broken.

  2. I love this phone but my reception on it is sub par. I tell people that it is a great computer but a terrible phone lol. I ran speed tests side by side with my girlfriend’s bionic and she was getting three times the download and upload speed as me. Where I will get no service and can not connect a call she has full service good call quality and great up and down speeds.I wonder if this is software/radio related or if it is just another case of samsung having terrible service. I came from a vibrant and my sister has the SGII and both get subpar service. If anyone knows anything about this what is the deal???

    1. I have not had a problem at all making a call. I get reception everywhere my droid x didnt get reception. I’m very pleased with getting the galaxy nexus with my upgrade.

      1. Do you think it may just be a problem with my device that a new one may resolve

        1. I have no clue. Mine could be exception. I have heard both stories more than once.

  3. Glad I did not waste my upgrade on this.

  4. ICS is a new OS and there are a few kinks to workout. That’s y the phone was delayed. This issues we are experiencing will be fixed with updates. I don’t know what some people r thinking but this is a great phone.

  5. I like the camera in the GNex. It’s fast, not the best pictures but with on camera tweaking, the shots look good. Fast is the most critical thing I want, because missing a moment is missing the entire point of the shot. No other phone camera compares. And the flash is super bright, bright enough to penetrate more darkness than any other phone I’ve tried. 5mp vs 8mp is only relevant for digital zoom for me, as any pictures I take with the camera get rezed down by Facebook anyway.

    I’ve gotten far more use out of the panoramic feature than I would have imagined. You don’t just have to sweep in a circle. I did tracking shots with attempted smooth footwork, and they came out beautifully.

    If I need better pictures, I have a pocket camera. Too bad the GNex doesn’t have a micro SD I can take from the camera and put into the GNex to upload, and too bad it doesn’t have native USB host so I could plug the camera into it to upload.

    While I’d like reception to be better, it’s on par with my wife’s Stratosphere and my old Verizon Imagio. I’d rather Verizon worked harder on filling dead or coma zones and to be more aware of topology shadows. They could start by offering an app to automatically report low reception zones. If you can only lock on to 3G in a 4G zone, that should register and be recorded so they could work on that in the future.

    Verizon might be the most reliable network, but that’s only because the other networks have subterranean levels of signal quality control. Though there’s nowhere that I’ve been where I couldn’t make a phone call, data coverage is a whole other issue.

    1. “too bad it doesn’t have native USB host so I could plug the camera into it to upload.”

      It does. With the correct USB adapter it is likely you could mount your camera’s storage.

      1. Not according to peeps who tried it on XDA-Developers. The GNex apparently comes without USB host capabilities, even with the right (grounded lead) adapter. If it happens anytime soon, it’ll be a root-only solution, at least at first.

        If you’ve tried that yourself and it worked without rooting, please tell me what you bought and what you did to make it work with USB storage, and to be able to actually access that storage.

  6. You cant snag a picture in video mode if your applying one of the fun effects such as big eyes or squeeze.

  7. Has anyone else been having serious issues with their camera? I have had it force close on me about 10 times (usually when I have taken multiple photos in a short span) and just last night I grabbed my phone to snap a photo of my dog and I got a cannot connect to camera message. I had to reboot twice to make it go away. I have also had it completely shut off while in the middle of viewing videos or streaming music. No errors, just turns off. I’m trying to think of a reason other then ICS to keep this phone over a Rezound

  8. mee to, finding ways to resolve the issue.

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