Intel Demos Their Medfield-based Android Smartphone and Tablet


Intel appears one step closer to finally breaking into the mobile arena after making their reference tablet and smartphone designs accessible to MITs Technology Review. Both devices are based around Intel’s Medfield iteration of their Atom processor, a chip based on the 32nm manufacturing process and promising better battery life than previous mobile CPUs from the silicon maker.

The Medfield-based reference smartphone was reportedly up to snuff with other currently available handset designs, boasting “Blu-ray0quality” video and the ability to shoot burst photos at 15 frames per second. The handset made available was running Android 2.3, but the tablet featured Android 4.0. Google and Intel have talked about working more closely with the development of the latest version of Android, and it could pay off as the reference tablet was said to be both as thing and as lightweight as the iPad 2 while outperforming the current generation of Android 3.0 slates.

Intel still has some work to do in integrating 3G and 4G components into the Medfield design, but the company looks to make a push over the next year or two to establish itself as a leader in the mobile market. Companies such as Qualcomm and NVIDIA currently have a leg up, but if Intel’s design proves as powerful as initial reports the battle could be starting to heat up.

[via Electronista]

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  1. It’s kinda ugly. Reminds me of an iphone.

    1. That’s the first thing I thought when I looked at the picture. Take away the four buttons and replace it with that one big button iPhones have, and it’s an iPhone (or at least a Chinese knock-off).
       I wonder if they posted that image just to piss-off Apple.

      1. im crying for apple..they need 

        1. I hear ya, only rather than putting diapers around their butt, I think they need a foot rammed up it instead. After removing their head first, of course.
          Obviously, this isn’t a production unit, it’s a reference platform, and Intel just makes the processors. But I think it odd that Intel uses an iPhone(c’mon, we all know what that was meant that to look like) with the traditional four Android buttons on it for a reference platform.

  2. apple will sue them. HIV positive. 

  3. “said to be both as thing and as lightweight”

    1. I caught that one too :P

  4. It looks so familiar…. wish I could put my finger on it…………

    1. Looks almost like a sexier Droid 3 without the keyboard

    2. You can put your finger on a lawsuit waiting to happen. 

    3. Like ipos

    4. Seriously, i’m usually the last person to admit any android phone mirrors that which shall not be named… but this is just a little too close for comfort.

  5. any stupid skin over the android OS, or vanilla?

    if vanilla, this and the padphone may offer valid contenders against nexus handsets.

    1. Everyone is forgetting, this is a reference platform, probably for the hardware not the software or design. Just like Intel provides notebook, ultrabook, etc. reference units to manufacturers. They’ll probably leave the software and design part to the manufacturers.

      1. good point, but this still offers more manufacturers an opportunity to create an android phone. will it be vanilla?

  6. It will never hit the market looking like that! Not if apple has anything to say about it. And I wouldn’t want it for the same reason. 

    1. Another idiot.  Need I remind you that Intel doesn’t make phone, they make processor.

      1. Say lg prada over and over

  7. I’m totally stoked for this. Except I wish they wouldn’t make it look like an iPhone bred with an Evo 4G. I get that Apple has some good designs and has proven innovative, but why try to make the thing look like a bastardized Apple product when android is open for design interpretation?

    1. It’s a reference platform.

  8. phone looks nice but i can see someone suing soon…

    1. Idiot – Intel doesn’t make the phone itself, they make the chip, the processor.  What you see it’s just a test prototype.

      1. Hey jackoff, he didn’t mention Intel, learn to read.

      2. Intel very well COULD make the phone. Still unlikely. But like ScottColbert said, he never mentioned Intel. Cool your jets before insulting someone for literally no reason what-so-ever. And if you wanna be that picky, you spelled “is” wrong.

  9. How about making it as thin and lightweight as the Tab 10.1? iPad 2 looks a bit fat to me. 

    Also, if you’re going to be making a chip for Android phones, don’t make suck an obvious fucking clone of an iPhone and comparisons to the iPad. 
    Just throwing that out there… 

    1. better yet, lets go for the asus prime

  10. I like the design. It looks a bit thick and I’d like it to be thinner, but it’s a nice design.

  11. Apple will sue, just look at the phone

  12. IPhone 4 shape

  13. These comments about Apple will sue Intel for making Iphone like shape are such stupid comments.  Intel doesn’t make phone, they make chips and processor that go into phone.  Does NVidia make phone?

    1. You’re the idiot.  No on here said Intel will be sued.  They said that the design looked like an iPhone and that Apple will sue.

      Look in the mirror first instead of calling others an idiot.

      1. Yeah, besides I don’t think they grant patents for a shape of a phone at least not the candy bar style. It’s been around literally forever.

        1. This guy is a huge douche, but it does look like an iPhone. At least, the earpiece.

          What’s funny though, is NOBODY said ANYTHING about Intel getting sued haha! This guys god-complex: it’s annoying.

  14. Does anyone else remember a sprint/intel announcement at CES 12?

  15. I’m betting Intel wishes it never sold off its ARM division to Marvell. :D

  16. What it really looks like is a LG phone.

    1. I agree, the capacitive buttons give it away. Namely the “menu” button!

  17. Looks like Intel will be the next one to get sued by the bastards

  18. looks cool and for the 1st cooperation-good job!


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