Dec 21st, 2011

Though the official update to Ice Cream Sandwich is likely a good way off, a newly leaked ROM for the HTC Sensation is giving us our first glimpse at how the Sense UI will appear when coupled with Android 4.0. At first glance, not a whole lot looks to change. Notification bar icons remain rather uniform with current Sense releases and the interface retains a familiar feel. The biggest noticeable change comes with the static launcher icons and app drawer, which reflect the changes Google has made with the stock release of ICS.

For Sensation owners that want to dive deeper into the new version of Sense and Android 4.0, the ROM is available for download. It still needs a bit of work, but is usable to an extent. Were you expecting bigger changes from HTC? Or are you happy to see a recognizable version of Sense?

[via XDA | Thanks, Micah!]

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