December 22nd Release Date for Motorola DROID 4 Pops Up Again

It’s been rumored and leaked that the Motorola’s Droid 4 — the newest 4G LTE equipped version of their QWERTY slider — could be arriving on Verizon as early as the 22nd of this month (just a few more days). Well, adding a little more fuel to that fire, a new leak has surfaced today, further implicating that 22nd launch date. The device shares more than a few similarities with the Droid Razr — well, aside from the whole being thin part.

Given the fact that the Galaxy Nexus suffered numerous “delays” before officially launching, we expect any less from the Droid 4. I wouldn’t think Verizon would want to launch so many devices within such a small time frame but I suppose anything could happen. Especially if they want to capitalize on the busy holiday shopping season.

I know a lot of our readers have been waiting for this device seeing how the Droid (insert number here) line usually sees a Global variant, this could make the Droid 4 the go-to-phone for frequent travelers. Anyone waiting on the “Droid RAZR with keyboard?”

[Via Droid-Life]

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  • Kelly Klein

    I was until I got the Galaxy Nexus and now I think I’m good.  I’ve had a Droid since the original and didn’t know if I could live without the physical keyboard.  But after having the Galaxy Nexus since Thursday I’ve been able to live without the keyboard just fine.  Plus I don’t think I could go back to Gingerbread (esp. with Blur).

    • Chris Chavez

      If only the Droid 4 launched with stock ICS. Would that have changed your mind?

      I’d get it in a heartbeat. O_O

    • Christina Zimmerman

      I’ve been waiting on the Droid 4, and toyed with the idea of going without a physical keyboard — well, maybe not voluntarily toyed with the idea… the keyboard on my (replacement after the screen died on the first one) OG Droid has been partially hosed for about a year. And even though the buttons are flaky (especially those hardly used ones in english, like E, D, S, A, W, R, X, and the left shift key), I still prefer to use the keyboard to the onscreen options.  I’d like it to have ICS, but basically, waiting for the D4 to be the D3 + LTE.  I wished Verizon had more physical keyboard options, as I’m less-than-thrilled at going with Moto again, after 2 crappy phones, but I’ll prolly use my upgrade on the D4 when it comes out.

  • JulianZHuang

    this is like the 4th motorola this year…..

    • RoninX

      How many Samsungs?

      • James Sorensen

        1, galaxy S2 (variants don’t count) :)

        • James

           You’re forgetting the Galaxy R, the Galaxy Note, The Galaxy Nexus, and all those mid/low range devices they launched.

  • dingo82

    I’m waiting on the D4 to see what it has before I make up my mind on the RAZR. Nexus sounded badass but I don’t need nfc.

  • David Smoot

    I’m waiting on a GSM / HSPDA+ Droid 4.  Want a real keyboard and I like the real HDMI out without the MHL adapter.  Plus it has Bluetooth 4 where Nexus and Note both have BT 3.  Wish the screen were a little higher resolution.  Plus if the Droid 4 uses the TI Wilink 7 chipset like the Razr, that means it technically has an ANT+ radio in it even though it is not enabled.  Maybe some hacking goodness could bring that online.

  • Rilgon Arcsinh

    You’re goddamned right I’m waiting. :(