December 22nd Release Date for Motorola DROID 4 Pops Up Again


It’s been rumored and leaked that the Motorola’s Droid 4 — the newest 4G LTE equipped version of their QWERTY slider — could be arriving on Verizon as early as the 22nd of this month (just a few more days). Well, adding a little more fuel to that fire, a new leak has surfaced today, further implicating that 22nd launch date. The device shares more than a few similarities with the Droid Razr — well, aside from the whole being thin part.

Given the fact that the Galaxy Nexus suffered numerous “delays” before officially launching, we expect any less from the Droid 4. I wouldn’t think Verizon would want to launch so many devices within such a small time frame but I suppose anything could happen. Especially if they want to capitalize on the busy holiday shopping season.

I know a lot of our readers have been waiting for this device seeing how the Droid (insert number here) line usually sees a Global variant, this could make the Droid 4 the go-to-phone for frequent travelers. Anyone waiting on the “Droid RAZR with keyboard?”

[Via Droid-Life]

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  1. I was until I got the Galaxy Nexus and now I think I’m good.  I’ve had a Droid since the original and didn’t know if I could live without the physical keyboard.  But after having the Galaxy Nexus since Thursday I’ve been able to live without the keyboard just fine.  Plus I don’t think I could go back to Gingerbread (esp. with Blur).

    1. If only the Droid 4 launched with stock ICS. Would that have changed your mind?

      I’d get it in a heartbeat. O_O

    2. I’ve been waiting on the Droid 4, and toyed with the idea of going without a physical keyboard — well, maybe not voluntarily toyed with the idea… the keyboard on my (replacement after the screen died on the first one) OG Droid has been partially hosed for about a year. And even though the buttons are flaky (especially those hardly used ones in english, like E, D, S, A, W, R, X, and the left shift key), I still prefer to use the keyboard to the onscreen options.  I’d like it to have ICS, but basically, waiting for the D4 to be the D3 + LTE.  I wished Verizon had more physical keyboard options, as I’m less-than-thrilled at going with Moto again, after 2 crappy phones, but I’ll prolly use my upgrade on the D4 when it comes out.

  2. this is like the 4th motorola this year…..

    1. How many Samsungs?

      1. 1, galaxy S2 (variants don’t count) :)

        1.  You’re forgetting the Galaxy R, the Galaxy Note, The Galaxy Nexus, and all those mid/low range devices they launched.

  3. I’m waiting on the D4 to see what it has before I make up my mind on the RAZR. Nexus sounded badass but I don’t need nfc.

  4. I’m waiting on a GSM / HSPDA+ Droid 4.  Want a real keyboard and I like the real HDMI out without the MHL adapter.  Plus it has Bluetooth 4 where Nexus and Note both have BT 3.  Wish the screen were a little higher resolution.  Plus if the Droid 4 uses the TI Wilink 7 chipset like the Razr, that means it technically has an ANT+ radio in it even though it is not enabled.  Maybe some hacking goodness could bring that online.

  5. You’re goddamned right I’m waiting. :(

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