Dec 20th, 2011

If you were looking to cruise in style and outfit you new brand new Verizon Galaxy Nexus with the official Samsung vehicle dock, you may want to hold that thought. Apparently, the American/Verizon version of the car dock (pictured above) is without the three-pin connectors you see in the UK/GSM version of the dock (pictured below).

Not sure exactly what’s up but if you want the higher quality — and better featured vehicle dock — from the UK, you’re going to have to pay a higher premium, along the lines of £50. If unplugging and replugging your phone isn’t too troublesome for you, the Verizon version of the car dock can be had for $40. Which version will all you “elite” Galaxy Nexus owners out there be purchasing? (Yes, I’m still bitter from a complete lack of Gnex on Sprint). From the sound of it, Verizon GNex users don’t sound too happy with the version of their car dock.

[Amazon (GSM) | Verizon Wireless | Via Engadget]

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