Verizon Galaxy Nexus Vehicle Dock Lacks 3-Pin Connector – What Gives?


If you were looking to cruise in style and outfit you new brand new Verizon Galaxy Nexus with the official Samsung vehicle dock, you may want to hold that thought. Apparently, the American/Verizon version of the car dock (pictured above) is without the three-pin connectors you see in the UK/GSM version of the dock (pictured below).

Not sure exactly what’s up but if you want the higher quality — and better featured vehicle dock — from the UK, you’re going to have to pay a higher premium, along the lines of £50. If unplugging and replugging your phone isn’t too troublesome for you, the Verizon version of the car dock can be had for $40. Which version will all you “elite” Galaxy Nexus owners out there be purchasing? (Yes, I’m still bitter from a complete lack of Gnex on Sprint). From the sound of it, Verizon GNex users don’t sound too happy with the version of their car dock.

[Amazon (GSM) | Verizon Wireless | Via Engadget]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Looks like samsung is giving americans the run around and failing to deliver like expected. is this the true google experience we’ve come to expect? HUGE fail….

    1. Its not a huge fail. ICS has drastically changed everyone’s vision of Android.

      The only fail involving the launch of the Galaxy Nexus is Verizon

      1. Agree……. Verizon -1

      2. I’m not so sure about that. The SGN was obviously designed as a GSM phone with an LTE variant. I think Samsung and/or Google ran into some unforeseen problems when flashing the production models of the LTE variant, the result being the diminished signal quality people (including me) have been seeing. Verizon is all about how über its network is, so it wouldn’t surprise me if, standing there holding a phone with 2 bars within sight of a tower, they pushed back the release to give Google time to issue a fix, which they eventually failed to do within a reasonable amount of time. Verizon finally gave up and released it anyway, probably on Google’s solemn word that a patch was mere weeks away. 

        As much hate as we all directed at Verizon during the time between announcement and launch, it makes sense to keep blaming them for everything, but post-launch, I’m really not so sure that it actually was VZW who fracked this whole thing up so badly.

        That said, I totally agree with the first two of your 3 sentences. ICS is incredibly nice and I have been incredibly satisfied with the SGN, which is apparently selling very well so far.

        Just another way of looking at it. I don’t have any particular love for Verizon or anything, but the launch delay didn’t make any sense from a business perspective. I know a lot of people subscribe to the Razr sales conspiracy, but I don’t think that was reason enough to delay something so hotly anticipated, especially with the last-minute abandonment of 12/9. That had nothing to do with sales and looked to me like a failure to fix a software issue in time. Either way, I think it’s important to remain objective and to stay aware of the fact that we don’t and most likely never will have any idea what actually happens at these companies’ respective HQs.

        1. I completely agree. It’s not Google who seemingly messed this up, or even Verizon for that matter. I am compelled to point the finger at the manufacturer simply because other companies can easily modify their phones to utilize the other bands without changing the main hardware. It also seems rather shady that Verizon customers get treated to sub par handsets just because… who knows why? Thats unfair no matter how you slice it. If google is trying to get rid of fragmentation, they picked the wrong company for a Nexus phone. Motorola didnt need a 3 pin connector for the phone to recognize where it was. And thats the old OG Droid. Its sad to see where things are headed especially that Samsung struck a deal with M$ right before this Nexus fiasco. Just sayin’… and this is meant for discussion … not arguments.

        2. honestly  that is the first time anyone said anything about the delay of the nexus that made the slightest bit of sense. 

  2. The accessories for the flagship Google Devices should be just as amazing as the device itself.

    1. If only I could get the GSM ones in the U.S.

      1. You can get the Tri-Band one but you will be paying for it. Last I saw it ran close to $1000

        1. Meant the accessories. I got the pentaband Galaxy Nexus for $700.

  3. Verizon screwed the whole thing up, screw them.

  4. $40 for a piece of plastic.  what a deal!

  5. I’m guessing this is because the Verizon version of the phone is slightly thicker than the GSM version? Not that it’s a good excuse, but I’m guessing Verizon didn’t want to pay extra for the connectors on a version that fit it’s slightly thicker version of the phone.

  6. +9001  (Dragon Ball Z Fans Unite!!)
    So True.

  7. Do we have either 3-pin dock yet? Im wondering if they are still being designed on account of the fact that the device is thicker. Remember how long we waited just find out how thick it would be?

  8. Curious that the image shows it is rated with 5 stars when all the reviews trash it

    1. Noticed that myself.  Not a single review gives in more than 3 stars and 90% are one star….yet website shows customers rating it 5 stars.  Verizon makes it pretty obvious their customer review ratings are fake and by extension you probably shouldn’t trust ANYTHING on their site.

  9. I am holding out hope that this thing is just a stopgap while they modify the GSM version to fit the Verizon version’s width.

    The only evidence I can see to suggest this is that Amazon calls the GSM item a “Vehicle Dock” while Verizon is calling their current thing just a “Vehicle Mount”. Dock vs Mount? I am probably grasping at straws, but you never know..

    1. I think its Verizon had design primarily for mounting your phone while you drive, and does not serve as a dock.

  10. Stop showboating your love for Sprint. It’s uneeded and takes awaywfrom your argument. Verizon is without doubt the best in literally everything but price and new customers without unpimited data. Just switch to the dark side already….

    1. Too expensive!!!! I wont do it!!! :(

      1. …and on the flip side, you couldn’t pay me to switch to Sprint!

      2. It was actually $10 cheaper for me to switch to Verizon (single line, 450 min., no messaging, 4GB data) from Sprint. I don’t use very many minutes and I’ve never used more than 3.5GB in a month.

    2. whatever fanboy. VZ is screwing us on the dock so they can lower the cost and sell it for just as much. He didnt say anything about sprint.

  11. I ordered the version (that will hopefully have the 3 pin connector) from Fommy. It’s supposed to ship on 12/23. Others have ordered from other retailers with a similar ship date. I have to wonder if perhaps Verizon will get the better car dock around the same time. And if so I have to wonder what they will be selling them for since the 3 pin at other retailers are going for about the same price as the stripped down version. 

    1. I ordered it, got it, and return it.

      1. Why did you return it? This would be helpful for all of us to know.

        1. For the reason stated in this article. The dock was just plastic, without the connectors.

          1. You got the verizon version but Captcaveman got the original Samsung version with the three-pin connectors. Read before posting ;)

          2. So in other words you didn’t order the same one as the comment you were responding to.  Thanks for adding confusion to the mix.

  12. Does GSM version mount fit the slightly larger late version?

    1. I’m wondering the same thing… sounds like we’ll have to wait for all these pre-order people to get them in and test. I’m wondering if the 3 pin location is even the same…

  13. I still get the feeling we haven’t seen all the “dock” accessories yet from Samsung. Mind you we Verizon GNex users don’t even have a desk dock or cradle yet. My reasoning is that when the Galaxy tab 10.1 was released, there were only a few accessories available when it was launched. It took a month or so before the other stuff became available to us.

    When (and I guess if) those come out, hopefully they release the actual vehicle dock we are yearning for. Just expect to pay a bit of a premium price on it…

  14. Verizon and Samsung are losing out on a huge cash cow.  GNex owners like myself would shell out for all the docks if they have the pogo pin connectors… and that adds up at $40+ a pop.

  15. Merry Christmas! $40 Pinned car dock! Rejoice!

    I pre-ordered mine on the 15th. Your sources need to learn to use Google before spreading here-say about 50 euro docks being the only pinned ones available.

    1. Did you get that one? No pics and no mention of pin connection…

      1. Product Description
        This Samsung vehicle mount will hold your Galaxy Nexus smartphone securely while you travel.  The car charger is connected directly to the mount so that when your Galaxy Nexus phone is docked, it’s charging at the same time. The mount automatically charges your Galaxy Nexus handset without you having to plug / unplug the car charger. It’s truly brilliance on the go

        1. I would guess the site has been updated; there is no verbiage anywhere on that product page that talks about charging in the dock.

    2. Hate to say, but this is the same vehicle mount what VZW has on it website. How do I know, the part numbers are the same.

      Also, I bought this from VZW and sorry to say, this mount does not put the phone in to Vehicle Mode when docked.

      1. I would say maybe that is just placeholder information? The reason I say that is because if it were the normal Verizon car dock it would be available for purchase now and not for pre-order. Product description says the charger plugs into the dock. If their listing is incorrect I can always complain and squeeze some free accessories out of them for the hassle.


        1. you’re grasping at straws

  16. Nice patronizing post. Google that sku, and you can see it is the same version verizon sells.

  17. My Verizon car dock arrived yesterday. It is promptly going back today. My local store did not have them on launch day so I ordered it. Needless to say this was before reading it did not have the pogo pins. Now I don’t know what I am going to use.

  18. This is so frustrating.  What’s the point of have the 3-pin connector if none of the accessories use it!!!!!!????!!!!

  19. the release of the galaxy nexus reminds me of the Yugo.

  20. I just want to know how it’s possible that someone living in Michigan hasn’t hopped the border to Canada just to see if the HSPA vehicle mount will line up with the POGO connectors on our LTE devices.  The size difference isn’t even that much, so it’s easily worth the drive to check it out.  If it did fit, I would fill my trunk with them and put them right on eBay.

  21. Has anyone actually confirmed that the verizon galaxy nexus fits in the European car dock?  Remember the verizon version is slightly thicker.  Seems irresponsible to suggest verizon folks buy the UK car dock without knowing this for certain.

    Color me not surprised, phandroid.

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