Motorola DROID RAZR MAX Revealed In EXIF Data – Updated RAZR Headed Our Way?

The boys over at Pocketnow have been poking around some EXIF data and discovered a new device popping up in some of the pics. Something being called the Motorola DROID RAZRMAX. I know what you’re thinking — there’s no way there could already be an update in the works so soon after the original’s release. Well, tell that to Droid 3, Bionic and Droid X users who saw (and are seeing) sequels to those devices a few short months after they were released. Keep up. Motorola and Verizon move fast around here.

So what could this device be? Well, there’s no saying for sure. Some are speculating that it could be little more than a slightly thicker DROID RAZR with a higher capacity battery given someone’s chat with a Verizon employee confirming the device. I propose — given the current trend of HD displays — we could be looking at that Chinese RAZR that was leaked a few weeks back with a 720p screen. “Max resolution?”

For all the DROID RAZR owners out there, would you be upset if a newer version of your device was released in a few short months? I, however, prefer to see the glass as half full. I mean, would you rather be on a carrier who releases new/updated devices once a year?

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  • chris125

    And this is why I will stick with a nexus. These companies only care about pumping out as many phones as possible and forgetting about keeping the phones updated.

  • Ethan Bailey

    sprints wiMAX version? lol

    • Chris Chavez

      Wouldn’t mind seeing a RAZR on Sprint. The DROID title means it’s another Verizon device though =p

      • Ethan Bailey

        yeah i knew that.. i wouldnt mind seeing it either though. that phone is awesomely thin!

  • phoenix_fire

    “Well, tell that to Droid 3, Bionic and Droid X users who are saw and are
    seeing sequels to those devices a few short months after they were


    • Chris Chavez

      Oops. Had an extra word in there. Thanks =p

    • Bill Mitchell

      I was so mad after seeing that my Droid X was updated so soon that I became Jigsaw.

  • hash

    we will probably have multiple Motorola droid out in a few months that will stomp the nexus.

  • hash

    And I believe Motorola UPDATED every single phone that could be upgraded before samsung.

  • Jonathan Roman

    wow lol

    sucks to be a motorola user 

  • Richard

    I wouldn’t be upset. The razr is the first Motorola device I have purchased and I am very happy with the build quality. Would love to know what the max refers to!

  • jshaffer21

    *sigh*…i have an upgrade coming up with verizon in about a month,and idk what im going to do. as soon as a good phone comes out,something better comes out,im stuck in phone paralysis. and i was thinking galaxy nexus,but now im hearing samsung is on the verge of releasing really neat looking bendable phones (:O).

    these are the problems of a first world nation

  • EngineerGA

    As long as they update my RAZR to fix any issues it may have and don’t forget me, I think it’s great they pump out even better phones quickly.  That just raises the bar for the other OEMs and forces more innovation, so by the time my contract is up again, I will have a ton of awesome phones from which to choose.

  • Gargamel1

    Considering the fact that I am deciding between the rezound and the nexus and not the razr due to the hd screen, I hope it is a “max resolution” update.

  • Justin

    I bought my Bionic when I switched to Verizon from Sprint. I loved the phone. A couple weeks later, the Razr was announced. My Bionic then seemed pointless to make. I expect Razr owners to feel the same. Oh well, I switched for the Gnex on LTE anyway :p

  • babadush

    IIf this another Motorola phone for the US I really don’t know what to say. Too Soon Motorola too soon.

  • PhilMcGraw

    Motorola may be the company to start buying phones from pretty soon when their buyout by Google is completed.  I mean think about it, with Google running the company you are almost guaranteed OS updates on time.

    • geeknik

      Once upon a time, there was an announcement that Motorola would release a Nexus device, however, that never materialized and with all the crap Motorola has been releasing lately, that is probably a good thing. 

      • Butters619

        Crap? Motorola build quality still exceeds that of Samsung.  Although their software, not so much.

  • Lucas Childers

    All of these specs appear to be about the camera, could it be the camera model?

  • chuckles87

    i wish it was a gsm hspa+42

  • Chathura Hewauluwatta

  • Justin Bowman

    My first though was a US version of the 720P Razr we saw in China a while back.

  • limelight205

    Quad-core ??????? And at&t did it gs2 then sky rocket and if you are happy with your phone y does it matter what comes out thats like divorcing your wife cuz someone who looks better came along

    • Butters619

      Greatest analogy ever

    • Mike Minor

      Let’s finish that analogy: Better lines and curves, lasts longer where it counts, communicates in finer detail, cooks newer, more creative and appealing dishes, cleans up faster, carries less baggage (hopefully) and puts up with all of your current crap, without flinching or complaining at all.

      Who would want all of that that?

  • hash

    There was no announcement stating Motorola would make a nexus. Samsung got that project t a year ago.
    I wonder if they will even make anymore nexus phones. All honeycomb phones will be about as customizable and powerfully as this nexus phone. In a few months a phone will be out with honeycomb that will blow the nexus away.

  • hash

    And to all of you who say “should I buy now or wait for something better” I think your over examining this. The nexus/razr/ and is it the htc rezound. Will be nice for a long time.

    I have the old droid global. The only reason id upgrade is 4g. But for me only to a phone with a removable sd.

    You may like the nexus with is removable battery and no sd. There should be a phone out there for all our needs. And you can’t tell anyone witch is better.

  • G-Money

    Hey Phoenix_Fire, pay attention! Droid 3/Droid 3 global DX/DX2 Bionic/Razor

  • rich

    The nexus will have some of the honeycomb stuff in Ics so a phone with honeycomb won’t matter Ics is more advanced than honeycomb I believe. I’m stuck on the razr but having a true android phone with ics will b nice

  • daveb123

    who says its an update? why cant they have two models to satisfy two markets?   
    a bit like samsung releasing the galaxy S2 and then the galaxy R for example…

  • hash

    Where I said honeycomb I meant ice cream sandwich

  • CalypsoArt

    Droid 2 then D2Global. Here’s hoping it’s a global Razr. I’d buy it in a second.