Samsung Ban In Australia Extended To December 9th – Gives Apple Another Shot At Doing What They Do Best


We told you guys a few days ago that Samsung won a huge victory over Apple allowing them to sell their Galaxy Tabs in Australia. Well, just 4 hours before that ban was about to be overturned, the Sydney High Court gave Apple another break by delaying the ban-reversal to December 9th. I know, a week doesn’t seem like such a big deal but in the world of electronics, being kept from sales during the peak holiday shopping season has gotta sting.

Apple is no doubt grinning ear to ear after being given a little more time for the court to decide on their request for a special leave to overturn the reversal (essentially a reverse reversal). Samsung said in a response, “Samsung believes Apple has no basis for its application for leave to appeal and will vigorously oppose this to the High Court.”

Give ’em hell.

[Sydney Morning Herald via Electronista]

Chris Chavez
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  1. One word: Scumbags.

  2. if apple was a high-school kid they would get their ass beat daily…. but hell they would sue for that too

  3. This is sickening, I swear I will never buy another apple product again because of this. There has gotta be a way to put a stop to them doing this. Wish there was a way to make em hurt for this. For gods sake apple you whiny B****, just can’t hack the competition. The general public need to be aware of this crap, to really see apples true colors, maybe then they will feel the pain. I sure do hope if Samsung come out ok from this, they will seek some sort of compensation……

  4. It’s like the courts just bend over backwards to do whatever they can to help Apple.
    I know I can’t be the only one who see this time and time again.

  5. Anyone know forums or blogs that full of Apple fanboys? 

    I want to troll there …

    This is sickening news … especially for weekend …

    1. Mac rumors

      1. MacDailyNews, Apple Insider, TUAW……bring it

    2. Engadget x_X
      Supposed to be a non biased tech site, but you cant say anything negative about iOS over there without being pegged a “Fandroid”

  6. If you can’t beat a great device, then do it on court! :D

  7. I can’t believe any reasonable judge would allow Apple’s complaint/request/suit to proceed.  They don’t like the Galaxy because it looks and feels a lot like the iPad?  What a ridiculous complaint!!  Ever been shopping for a new HD TV?  They ALL look and essentially work the same way!  If you masked the brand names, I bet you couldn’t get your average Joe to tell which was which.  Similar look and feel is true  for just about everything we buy… clothes, appliances, electronics, tools, cars, houses.

  8. They are shaped different. Camera is in different spots. Samsung is way thinner. Edges are rounded different. If someone can’t tell these apart they must be blind.

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