Amazon Kindle Fire Steals The #1 Spot Away From The iPad For Top Selling Tablet On


Well, what do we have here? Seems people don’t really care too much about specs after all. What do they care about? Cold, hard cash — and how much they can save of it. BestBuy is reporting that Amazon’s blazing hot Kindle Fire took the #1 spot as top selling tablet on their site, snatching the title away from Apple’s long time victor, the 16GB iPad.

Amazon’s tablet is a run away success that has managed to capture the hearts of consumers everywhere by aiming its sights where it matters most — the wallet. Cameras on a tablet? Who needs ’em. 10-inch display? Bah, humbug. Give consumers a device that’s priced right and capable of quick web browsing, has the power to shoot some birds across their air and they’ll eat it up.

While the Amazon Kindle Fire is a smash hit, I wouldn’t exactly say it’s been stealing customers away from the iPad. More than likely, the people purchasing the Fire either couldn’t afford or justify the iPad’s $500 price tag. Just goes to show you… if you build it (cheap enough) they will come.

[Via TechCrunch]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Just bought one for my 6 year old daughter. Ill get it set up with games tonight then wrap it up.

    1. Was thinking of getting one for my 6 year old cousin. First thing she asks whenever I see her is if I have any new games on my phone O_o

      1. gotta teach these kids to love reading again

        1. Seems like all people do anymore is give them a tv and video games. We don’t have cable/dish at our house. Makes us appreciate the non digital life.

          1. bought one for my lil sis, She like to read and games, so yeah its a one two combo!!

        2. Games are actually pretty good at developing problem solving skills.

          1. Keeps ’em on their toes! :D

          2. Right, there are games which are educational too. Making learning a fun experience. 

  2. for only 200$ this thing is great, <3 the fire.

  3. Wouldn’t mind having one these. Hey Chris, I haven’t looked but did you guys post a review of it? I haven’t gotten around to watching any hands-on vids of this at all.

    1. No, Rob is sitting on about 30 of them (for the giveaway) but I think he forgot to give one to himself for review =p

    2. Nightypoo! I did a video review on YouTube of the KF. I’ll send you a PM on the forum – just in case you want to check it out.

      1. Definitely player! Girl has been bugging me to win or buy her one! lol

  4. I purchased 2 and received them in the mail today! I cant wait to get home and play with them 

  5. Suck it iTampon!

    1. Very mature

  6. nook tablet 16gb sd card slot 250 much better deal

    1. if you root the device yes. if not you go for the kindle fire

    2. In stock form no way.  Even rooted its a wash.  The big difference is the infrastructure   Since Amazon has a music, video, books and app store they are the only one right now that can really deliver that “one stop shop” experience that Apple has.  

      Google’s markets, while coming along, still aren’t there yet and last time I checked 

  7. great news

  8. About time something takes it down from the top spot.

  9. If it had a camera for skyping i would be in.

    1. if only the galaxy tab 7 plus were 200

  10. and the iPad has 5 other models

  11. wait… the big $5-800 iPod touch is no longer on top? Good! bout fricken time, paying $5-800 for a tablet is insulting considering a decent laptop costs less

  12. Bacon.

  13. Good Job!

  14. Except that the Kindle fire is only available in one model while the iPad is available in 9 different SKUs which fill the number 2, number 3 and many other slots on Best Buy’s top 15 list.

    So I guess the Kindle Fire isn’t actually outselling the iPad after all.

    1. LOL, that is the reverse of the usual Apple lover argument.  When people point out that Android is smashing IOS the argument is always, “but its only one ONE (now 2) phones!.”

      1. fartdroid.

      2. Huh? I am saying it is only one iPad that just happens to have different amounts of storage and a 3G option or not. They are all still the iPad. Same argument as always. It is you who is trying to only compare the Kindle against only one minor variation of the iPad configuration.

        You Android boosters are the ones who are usually trying to lump not only every model from one manufacturer together, but also all devices from every manufacturer.

        As such it is you who are now trying the reverse argument just because Apple has the upper hand. Quite sad.

    2. read the article, before you talk.

      it says the KF is outselling one version of the ipad, the 16gb one that was top of the list. and it’s only on the website.

      don’t worry though, every iteration of the ipad will be outsold by a less expensive product in due time. this is just the first sign of that erosion of dominance they are enjoying because they were the ones who made tablets easy to use before anyone else.

      1. I did read the article and it is very obvious that most of the commenters on this forum as well as other writers do not understand the fact that the Kindle Fire beating one particular variation of the iPad at Best Buy does not mean the Kindle Fire is beating the iPad as a whole. Have you read the comments here?

        I like your confidence that tablet market will not turn out like the iPod market, but we’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we.

  15. Not surprising at all. While the Kindle Fires certainly aren’t fully-blown tablets, for $200 (or less), you’re getting one heck of a good deal IMO. I am a life-long lover of all things tech, but  I was never a fan of e-readers or tablets in general. The former because I prefer actual books, the latter because for the price, they didn’t really do anything for me that I can’t already do on my phone or laptop, so I never had a want or need to spend $600-$800+ for something that I can already do on my Android handset or one of my laptops. I always thought tablets were cool, just not worth the price for me.
     However, for $200, you get a color e-reader with enough functionality to play games, run apps, stream movies, and, obviously, read ( I’ll  always prefer books, but I can see myself reading a lot of magazines on a Kindle Fire – I swear, magazines and newspapers breed when you’re not looking).
     It’s not a high-end tablet – no mic, GPS, or gyroscope, but it isn’t meant to be a tablet at all – it’s a high-end, full color e-reader with some nice extra functionality, and I am considering getting one myself (the not-a-tablet-or-e reader-guy) because, if anything else, I think it would be cool to have a larger screen to watch my old cartoons and tv shows at night when I go to bed (I use my phone with headphones for that purpose rather than the TV in the bedroom so I don’t wake up my girlfriend if she’s sleeping). I’m also looking forward to seeing just how much we can get out of these in the coming months via root and the possibilities that opens.

    1. And honestly I wouldn’t even call it a tablet, rooted or not; it’s a beefed up e-reader, pure and simple. 

      1. “… it isn’t meant to be a tablet at all – it’s a high-end, full color e-reader with some nice extra functionality”

    2. Right, the Kindle Fire doesn’t have outstanding innards because it’s main use was for e-book reading, which gives the device an affordable price for the public.

    3. for me it was a simple choice. I don’t play games on my laptop, I don’t do photoprocessing on it, I just do some light work for my business, email, surf. my current laptop was pretty long in the tooth, to replace it no need to buy a $1500 laptop, or a $800 laptop, the question was, $400 for a netbook, or $400 for an ASUS transformer. I went with the TF.

      great decision on my part. I can do the same light work for my business, email, surf and do it all more efficiently. there’s some great news aggregators out there that bring me everything I want through one interface, and I don’t have to mess with cords, wireless mouse, hot laptop on my lap. It’s quiet and extremely portable.

      I wouldn’t have minded if they had one without cameras, gyro, or GPS, it’s wasted on me, and it would have been nice to pick it up for $299 without all of that stuff, rather than $399 with. the 10″ display is great too, any smaller and what’s the point, may as well use a 5″ phone, or something, any bigger and it loses its portability (imo). That’s one things SJ had right, size.

  16. Blazing a Trail

  17. @Zen strive I couldn’t have said it better my self!

  18. Are you guys going to follow up on returns as well?

  19. I heard unofficial news that the kindle fire will be featuring a Tegra 2 processor in the future. If I’m only gonna use the device for reading e-books, then a faster processor is really not needed. It only makes the device expensive. I would rather prefer an affordable device.

  20. You can get a used or refurbished Galaxy Tab 7 for $200-$235.

  21. In your opinion…. This or the Nook Tablet?

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