Samsung Transform Ultra Launching on Sprint November 13

The Samsung Transform Ultra was announced for Sprint last week, but a release date was oddly absent among other details. The phone is already available on the Sprint-operated Boost Mobile, and a new leak obtained by SprintFeed¬†indicates it won’t be much longer until the parent company has its piece. November 13th is the date the Transform Ultra will be available for only $79.99. It’s not a bad handset for the price, but seems a lot more appealing when paired with the no-contract options of Boost Mobile.

[via SprintFeed]

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  • guest55555

    Any Galaxy Nexus news today?

    • toomuchgame441

      yes, hopefully coming to at&t

  • Otis Spunkmeyer

    Everyone is releasing powerhouse phones for the holidays it seems, EXCEPT Sprint.

  • tacehtxilef

    It’s been out at radio shack for over a week.