ZTE and Orange to Launch San Francisco II (ZTE Crescent)

Orange’s San Francisco (otherwise known as the ZTE Blade) will soon get a sequel. After sales surpassing 2 million units, the the Blade/San Francisco will give way to the ZTE Crescent . The handset will be known as the Orange San Francisco II when it launches on the namesake network, but little other info is available. From the only low-quality image we have of the device it seems we could again see a 3.5-inch screen. The only other distinguishing feature is the presence of three Android buttons. A Bluetooth SIG entry pegs the phone for a European release (duh) with a 3G radio on-board. When that release will happen, well, we just don’t know yet.

[via UnwiredView]

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  • Matthew Merrick

    was i the only one who thought it was funny they’re releasing a device called the san fransisco in Europe? :P

    • eclipsenyou

      I did too but didn’t want to be the first to point it out…so thanks for that! lol

  • Allen Cross

    Ask any old-time marketer: foreign words and proper names lend an air of the exotic to even the most mundane of products. Of course, “foreign” is a relative thing, so products here in the USA are called “Seville”, “Lucerne”, ” or “Rio”, etc.

  • Kostas Sakellaridis

    Well technically San Fransisco is spanish for saint Francis, hardly exotic for Europe. My father’s name is Francis. Not to mention that in most of europe the san fransisco was branded as Blade or various others names depending on the carrier

  • http://twitter.com/dannymur Danny Murray

    It’s an Orange Marketing thing…..City names used before and also coming in the future:

    Tokyo and Berlin


    Barcelona, Monte Carlo, Stockholm


  • gabrielperini3000

    Here’s the picture from orange’s website