Ice Cream Sandwich Will Have Cisco AnyConnect VPN Support


The recently closed “Issue 3902” over at Google’s Android Code site tells the whole story. After months of requests from users and IT departments alike, support for Cisco AnyConnect VPN will be found in Ice Cream Sandwich. A Googler confirmed the addition in the issue’s comments thread.

Support for AnyConnect has been found on many other platforms, yet has been surprisingly absent from Android builds to date. Wit each release Google seems to target enterprise users more and more, and this should go a long way for Android support in the workplace.

[via Google Code | Thanks, Lionel!]

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  1. Only took them 3 years and 4 versions!

    1. Google 3 years but others will be waiting 6 to 12 months to get the update on their phones.

    2. They needed to establish that the platform was feasible in a corporate environment. Work out bugs, make it secure (more or less, minus retarted users). THEN they can work with Cisco to get VPN integrated without it looking like a joke.

  2. Now if only they could add support for the necessary Exchange security protocols so that I don’t need to carry around an iPhone to access my email.

    1. Try Touchdown

    2. I access my work’s exchange server with no issues on 2.3

      1. Me too exchange email works great in gingerbread, zero issues.
        Touchdown works great too if your stuck on froyo and your having problems

  3. Another reason for me to upgrade to ICS awesome

  4. What’s anyconnect?

    1. If you don’t know, this doesn’t really affect you. But it’s a commercial VPN client used to allow secure external access to internal corporate networks. We use it where I work and having that available on my phone will be great.

  5. This has been available for a few months to root users. It’s in the Market.

    1. Or to Galaxy S users (root not needed).

  6. I wonder if this means Juniper SSL VPN will work now…

  7. I’m sorry, I made a mistake. It took 3 years and NINE versions of Android to get this highly requested feature.

    Meanwhile Apple included it in the second version of their OS.

    1. How are your widgets working mr iOS?

    2. What’s your point? It took a long time… but now that the feature’s here, what’s wrong? I’m not even going to get in to an iOS vs Android discussion, but isn’t this positive news?

    3. Of course it took ios three years and multiple versions to get mms, while even my razor had it right off the bat.

    4. Flash, Widgets, Google Maps w/ Nav, the most Secure mobile Kernel to date in ICS…

      Hey! Why are you running away?! Get back here and take it like a man!

    5. Meanwhile Apple is still stuck with a 3.5″ screen

  8. I heard this will not support group authentication, is that true?

    1. I’ve been waiting for this… please don’t tell me no group authentication!

  9. If it won’t work to get inside the AT&T enterprise network, it’s not of much use to me.

  10. What about wifi with proxy configuration per network and authenticated user… I really need this working out of the box…

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