Small and Thin Android-based MGX Netbook by NEC Shown

Android netbooks seem to be on the rise and NEC wants to cash in early, it seems. This one doesn’t look nearly as good right now as the hybrids from ASUS – the Slider and the Transformer – but its thin and small design could be popular with those who want sort-of a traditional computing experience without the bulk.

Unfortunately, this one is only in prototypical form right now. We don’t know much except that it has a WSVGA screen resolution, a hardware keyboard and is a clamshell notebook device with a hardware keyboard. Judging from the photo below, it can even bend both ways. We can’t be sure on how far back it can go but we’d be impressed if you could fold it back completely and cover the keyboard, effectively making it a slate.

Unfortunately, it looks to be running a pre-Eclair version of Android, likely 1.5 or 1.6. Internals were not mentioned but we can’t say we’re too confident there will be room for Honeycomb on this thing. It’s said to be going to Japan for 80,000 yen. [Electronista]

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  • Eyad (formerly CTownOL)

    I hope Android OEMs keep making their tablets more PC like. Hopefully, Google gives these OEMs the features and support they need in order to continue doing this. No doubt it will help against Windows 8 picking up in the ARM arena!

  • Eyad (formerly CTownOL)

    Where are all of you coming from? Take me to your leader!

  • No Name

    It looks ugly as if I built it myself

  • UbuntuWillRule

    Is she streaming hard sex using her webcam?

  • Khalid.H

    The last photo reminds me of the HP OmniGo

    I’d love to see a phone with the same form factor.