Microsoft Said to be Bringing Native Hotmail App for Android


Microsoft made some major announcements pertaining to their Hotmail email service today. Most of it had to do with the addition of features to the web version, but they apparently mentioned that they’d be bringing a native Android app. The link Engadget referenced did not mention this and we couldn’t find the application in the Android market as of the time of this writing. We’ll be trying to get more word from Microsoft, but in the meantime we’re curious: who here still uses Hotmail? Don’t be shy – we won’t laugh at you. Maybe.

[Update]: It was in the Market all along, but under SEVEN’s name. They’re boasting this as the only official Hotmail app so we’re betting this is it. Go ahead and grab it here.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. That must be painful for them.

    1. At least they’re somewhat recognizing that Android is a huge player, I guess….

      1. Player… or PAYer?

    2. Painful for them? Android is practically one of their most profitable, uh, investments!

  2. I use it for my forums where we all talk via Live, plus my Gmail is for me to know, and them to wish they’d know ;)

  3. I use hotmail for when I sign up for forums or things of the sort…gmail for anyting important

    1. LOL!

      I pity the fool who still uses hotmail (for important stuff)

      1. Like me, whose school insists on using Microsoft’s email services. My address is just a Hotmail account with a fancy name.

    2. Haha, that’s exactly what I do with my Yahoo account. I found MSN to be too annoying even for that.

  4. I bet that was not painful, so far MS gets a lot of licensing fees for every Android device sold, MS makes currently more money with Android than with WP7

    1. so sad

  5. I do, been a user since it first came out. But of course now it’s mainly used for registering for websites.

  6. Yay! Now I can check my spam email addy more efficiently!

  7. I use it for my college email

  8. Now, where is official SkyDrive app?

  9. Hot… mail? Oooh you mean the address I am forced to have to use my xBox, and that gets used for no other purpose? Gotcha, thanks a bunch Microsoft.

  10. Using hotmail, none the less?

  11. Have had my Hotmail account for since before there was a gmail. Glad to see MS realize where the people are. App seems to work pretty good so far.

  12. Why would M$ bring hotmail to Android app? Dont they have enough money from every Android being sold going in tgeir greedy pockets.

    1. It seems that they’re doing this to get their crap into EVERYONE’S phones… even Motorola. No thanks to Steve ballmer’s tongue in my devices.

  13. What? Hotmail? Is that an extinct dinasour? ahihihi

  14. I know everyone sings the praises of gmail, but I’ve never quite gotten used to their “nested conversation” style. I can never find the damned original email when I need it. I’ve been using msn for so long, it’s what I’m used to. But the app doesn’t look all that different from the set up for the alternate email client already in Android. Is there some great reason I should switch?

  15. I use hotmail as my address to direct all SPAM to. My gmail is for personal use only (i.e. I only give it to people I know). If I have to list a email address online, I always list hotmail so the SPAM goes there.

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