Sprint Announces 4G Strategy/Network Update Conference Call for Oct. 7th


More conference calls – yay! This time, Sprint’s hosting a call to discuss their 4G strategy and will update everyone on the status of future, well, network updates. We expect this call will reveal the big 4G announcement Sprint’s been hanging on to and will provide more details about their 3G capacity improvements that should help the abysmal 3G speeds users have been experiencing as of late. We’ll be in on the call but you can also join the webcast here starting 9:30am eastern time this Friday.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Hopefully a LTE network that will work inside unlike Wimax!

    1. That’s not a fault of Wimax, it’s the spectrum that Clearwire had to use to rollout their 4g network. Wimax is not a bad technology, it just gets a bad rap, because of Clearwire using the 2.5 spectrum, that stinks for building penetration. Sprint was basically forced by the FCC, to use or lose that spectrum, which is why they had to go Wimax vs LTE. LTE wasn’t ready yet. Sprint has other spectrum available for it’s LTE network as you will find out on Friday. There shouldn’t be the same issue with it not working good indoors.

      1. It also generally preforms slower and drains battery quicker than LTE networks.

      2. LTE will be 800/1900/1400(Lightsquared)/1600(Lightsquared)/2500(Clear)

      3. Yes, WiMax gets a bad rep b/c of Clear and its frequency. However with Network Vision, all towers will now be capable of 800/1900/2500 bands regardless if it’ll be WiMax or LTE. WiMax with Clear was horrible b/c not all Sprint towers are WiMax capable, Clear operated its own towers which are spotty and the coverage map looks like swiss cheese.

  2. Love my EVO but I am really dissapointed in Sprint. 3G has gotten waaaay slower here since they let their contract with that server company run out. And 4G has not improved at all. There is only one area in town that has 4G. No improvement at all!
    It seems they care more about their sponsership with Nascar than improving their towers/infrastructure etc.

    1. All the EVO’s that were sold was kind of a catch 22 for Sprint. Great sales numbers, but all these Android phones are not helping it’s sagging network. But I can tell you for sure they are working on it. My area was horrible for like a year, 3g was basically unusable. But about a month ago we started seeing improvements. So keep your fingers crossed that your area is next. Also some rumors about Sprint going Rev B, which would be awesome for us non 4g folks.

      1. Sprint’s network was running like crap in North FL back in July. Now, it’s rocking away with speeds no less than 800+ kbps.

        1. Network Vision in the works?

        2. Sprint has gotten steadily worse in South FL. I’m missing a lot of text messages coming in, and am getting more frequent errors when sending messages, too. Going inside most restaurants is like going inside an underground bunker in the middle of the desert. As far as them ditching Wimax devices, it doesn’t really matter to me. My EVO 4G has only seen 4G a handful of times, and the majority of those connections occurred around LAX while I was on vacation.

    2. LOL @ them caring more about their Sponsership with Nascar… that my friend is hilarious.

  3. Waiting for the incoming announcement that Sprint is ditching WiMax altogether and thus ditching every customer who has bought a WiMax phone & still has no 4G coverage.

    1. They probably won’t ditch WiMax. If they add LTE, it’ll probably be TD and on top of WiMax. WiMax may have poor building penetration now, but it’s more cost effective and can handle more data traffic than the FDD-LTE that Verizon and AT&T are rolling out.

      1. I hope you’re right. I’ve been sitting with a WiMax phone for over a year without any WiMax coverage & I live in a major metropolitan city.

        1. Must not be that major, we have it here in Madison, WI and were only 200’000

          1. Phoenix Arizona. 5th largest city in the country & we have no WiMax coverage to speak of.

          2. Omaha, 865,350 including suburbs, no Sprint 4G.

      2. If rumors are to be believed, it should be both. TDD-LTE and Wimax on the 2500mhz spectrum (clearwire), then FDD-LTE on the 800mhz SMR and 1900mhz PCS bands working in tandem with CDMA.

  4. This might sound stupid but I wonder that since the photon gas

  5. This might sound stupid but i wonder if the photon could be switched to LTE since it does have a world phone sim card and also Motorola takes xoom tablets and does hardware mods for it to make it LTE. I wonder if they could do that for the photon?

    1. most likely no it would need different internals. It would have had to have lte installed from the get go.

  6. I’m shocked nobody else has mentioned the iPhone. An exclusive launch with Sprint’s new LTE network is obvious in my mind. Any thoughts Quentyn?

    1. That I doubt! All indications are that Apple is not putting any LTE chips into the Iphone for the next release. I think Apple is waiting this one out, and will make sure they can get the battery life they want even if that means being the last one to the table with LTE. The next generation of LTE chips will probably provide us with a marked battery improvement. Having come from an OG Droid to a Bionic I am still trying to get used to having to charge more often.

      1. Just turn off the LTE and use WiFi

  7. The iPhone is boring but I’ve always loved the music player.

  8. Come on Sprint. I know I sound like a broken record. Make my wimax work indoors!

  9. I’ll take anything I can get as long as I get to use 4G.

  10. I hope they provide some clarity on the iPhone 5 situation. Please let it be LTE with no WiMax. Otherwise I am not buying it

  11. Sprint really doesn’t need to be slumming in the data speed department right now. They just did a ‘4G’ technology speed test somewhere (Engadget?) and even T-Mobile blew them away for speed. In Austin, my 3G went from consistent 1mbps speeds to about 300kbps at BEST in the last year, and it sucks. I don’t even turn on 4G anymore, because I almost never have a signal and it’s not worth it with the 3G/4G constant swap that kills my battery and ability to use data.

    They need to put together a concise, well-planned network, both 3G and 4G. And it should use LTE, which is the standard. They’ll get better phones out of it, too.

  12. Most likely, only another tedious announcement about what we already know (“we be gettin’ de iPhone!”) followed by the news Sprint’s building its own LTE network. Won’t tell us WHERE they intend to get the money, but…

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