Sprint Holding “Strategy Update” Event In New York This October 7th


Looks like Sprint has something big planned for October 7th in what they’re calling a “Strategy Update.” Tons of press have been invited to their event in New York city and although no one knows exactly what ‘ol #3 will announce/unveil/reveal, you can bet it more than likely will have something to do with their acquisition of Clearwire and possibly their move to LTE-Advanced. Time for you guys to do some speculating of your own. What do you think will be announced? Merger with Google? iPhone 5? I’m still hoping it will have something to do with the return of the “Sprint Guy” (see video below).

[Via Engadget]

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  1. wow! I forgot about the sprint guy

  2. Dan Hesse said Sprint would have big 4G plans that they will announce this Fall… wonder if this is the announcement….

    1. T’was the first Angry Birds… LOL

  3. I would be very happy if they announce LTE with unlimited. Even if I had to pay ten bucks more. They could have phones with Wimax and LTE, let’s say the network gets very busy they could switch some to Wimax at a certain time if It’s busy

  4. I hope this is the switch to LTE. And I.hope the galaxy s 2 sprint variant has LTE radios.

  5. Sounds like another Echo announcement.

  6. Dan Hesse introduces the Sprint Guy and he whips out the iPhone 5/iPhone 4s from under his trench coat or just whips his P out with LTE tattooed on it. Still a pretty amazing way to announce something that would cancel out the Echo announcement.

  7. …more 4G.

  8. u know what its going to be..hes going to do an oprah..and say…IM GIVING YOU GUYS LTE/WIMAX!!!! points to the crowd..YOU GET ONE..YOU GET ONE..YOU GET ONE!!!..then he flips the switch to lte/wimax nationwide..covering the usa….*sigh*..then i woke up

    1. The start didn’t sound like a dream, that ruined the whole thing -___-

      1. i mean if u think about much harder is it for them to add lte…just get rid of those nextel it on the 800mhz frequency…then when they are doign the network vision and consolidating all the antenna’s to one base unit..just add the lte antenna..then u got nationwide coverage faster then u can say..verizon

        1. I think something like that is definitely in Sprints plans. They are moving (and upgrading) Nextel’s push-to-talk over to the Sprint/CDMA side by the end of this year (should keep those customers happy), so there really wont be any need for Nextel once that is done, thus freeing up all that 800mhz frequency you speak of.

          1. exactly..why else would u give notice to nextel customers that they are freeing up that spectrum and moving them over to cdma…so what would they do with that leftover spectrum? 5g? lol..fat chance..only logical i think

  9. I hated sprint for that PCS garbage. every phone is a PCS, that’s all phones are/were is a frickin PCS, today they do more than that but still a PCS..

  10. You mean their acquisition of lightsquared?

    1. If I remember right, no. They (Sprint) are in a deal of some kind with LightSquared, but since Sprint owns a majority of Clear (something like 50%?), the next best thing is to buy Clear out completely.

      1. They just reduced their holding of Clearwire to 49% (precisely so they wouldn’t own a majority). They do have a deal with LightSquared though.

  11. Echo Redux!
    David Blaine to make himself appear at the event, even though uninvited.

  12. The Wall Street Journal has reported that Sprint in to unveil the iPhone 5 in October.

  13. “We’re really sorry about the WiMax thing, guys. We’re just going to give you all a refund for the service we promised but never delivered”

    I can dream, can’t I?

  14. They better not announce throttling!

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