Soak Test for Motorola DROID 2 Gingerbread Update Begins Tonight



A few days ago we posted a leaked Verizon PDF showing the changelog for the Motorola Droid 2’s upcoming Gingerbread update. Well, we have been informed by one of our awesome readers that the soak test for the software 4.5.601 update is underway starting at 11:50pm tonight. Here is the post from the Motorola Owners’ Forum.

Hello again. Thanks for agreeing to provide feedback on this latest software. Starting tonight at 11:59, you will get the update pushed to your phone. You will likely see comments on the public forums from owners who receive the update but are not providing feedback here. We’re not going to block your ability to post in the public community, but we need your feedback here, not out there. And please remember that this project is confidential. We’ll be watching your feedback closely to make sure that no significant issues threaten the full rollout to all Droid 2 owners. To help us get your feedback in the most efficient manner, please follow a few guidelines.

1. DO NOT perform a factory data reset in advance of the upgrade. It will remove your MEID from our list and you likely will not get the upgrade during this test period. If you have performed a factory data reset in the last 24 hours, please let me know by posting that information on the thread titled I can’t complete the update, along with your MEID.
2. Please keep issues threads –already defined and waiting for you –devoted to issues. Keep sidebar comments to a minimum on those threads.
3. Don’t post “I have no problems with X, Y or Z!” comments on an issue thread if you have no issues. Only post issues.
4. Don’t post “I can’t believe this made it through the quality control” and other opinions that are not solution recommendations. It just adds clutter and takes us longer to review the thread. Please leave your general issues with Motorola, Google or Verizon at the door.
5. Please DO help one another and post suggestions for solving issues.
6. Don’t worry, there are threads for non-issue discussion and general interaction. We will read those too, but it helps to have the issue threads clean.

I will send an online survey to all Motorola Feedback Network participants, probably tomorrow night. Please respond to that survey immediately. I will be around as much as possible, and will b getting help from our MotoXprts, MotoAgents and engineers. We’ll be reading your comments and will ask questions and provide help and support as needed. In closing, I want to acknowledge that this update was a long time coming. I wish things had been different. I’ll be upgrading right along with you, and I’m eager to see my Droid 2 improved by Gingerbread!

Pretty exciting stuff, Droid 2 users! Don’t know why I get so hyped about other people’s phones receiving Gingerbread updates but there you have it. Still no word on when the OTA will start being pushed out to the masses but at least you know you’re one step closer.

Thanks, Anonymous!

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  1. This is even more awesome due to there finally being a root method for 2.3. I’ve refrained from the leaks. So ready for this.

  2. Wooo, this will enhance my patience to wait for HTC Vigor.

  3. This is what a Droid branded phone gets you??? An update 9 months after it was released!

  4. Where is the thread for “I can’t complete the update?” my phone actually reset itself the other night.. will I be able to get the update?

    1. Yes, that only applied to the soak testers, you should be able to upgrade now! just check for updates or if you are patient, wait for your turn!

  5. Uhhh? Its not there?

  6. just checked for updates on my droid2 and it was there. installing right now:)

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