AT&T’s HTC Holiday Now Known As The Raider?


We all saw this coming. Its a very common occurrence where a phone’s name will change right before its release and the HTC Holiday will be no stranger to this. According to this user agent profile obtained by PocketNow, the HTC Holiday will now be known as the HTC Raider which we saw HTC recently apply for a trademark not too long ago. Sounds like a pretty cool name to me but that title too, will likely change once this 4G LTE enabled device is finally released on AT&T. Internally, AT&T is calling this device the Waikiki but there’s no way that will stick if AT&T knows what’s good for them. This phone is likely to make a big splash once it lands on AT&T later this year with it’s 4.5-inch qHD display and unique styling. I’ve actually gotten some hands on time with this device and I must say, that screen was absolutely gorgeous.

[Via Pocketnow]

Chris Chavez
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  1. how’d you snag some hands-on time with it?!? How is it in comparison to the Samsung Infuse?

    1. I know some people that know some people. It’s definitely thicker than the Infuse. And probably the most plasticy phone I’ve seen from HTC since the original Evo 4G. The design is so weird to me =p

      1. Snap yo :D Hmmm so the Infuse wins in form factor-ness…guess my gf will stick to the infuse :) thanks!

        1. The Infuse is hot. No doubt. You would have to hold the Holiday before making a judgement though. It’s definitely not going to be for everyone…..

  2. I actually like the Waikikik name or however it is spelled.

    1. “Yo, dawg. Did you get that new Waikiki phone?”

      “The Waikiiiikiki what?” o_O

      “Forget it.” T_T

  3. Seems like you had some hands on time with it… :P

    Is it snappy and fast? Or is it sluggish?

  4. I would like to know if it has NFC??? Also if it is “plasticy” then it must not be a flagship phone no matter what the specs are. Perhaps there is an even better phone in the works that will have better quality materials like the Sensation which I feel is the current flagship phone.

    I’m really wanting to move up from my Inspire but I have a few things that need improving on and of course I would like to get all of these thing on this list:
    * 4G LTE (AT&T)
    * Front Facing Camera
    * qHD screen
    * Better Battery Runtime
    * Dual Core (not that important because my Inspire really seems fast enough)
    * NFC
    * Quality Flagship status from HTC

    This Holiday/Waikiki/Raider almost seems to fit the ticket. Why is it so hard to find the perfect phone?…it looks like it is missing my last two requirements..NFC and Build Quality. I would get the Sensation if it were available for AT&T and if it had NFC. When the Sensation came out it was rumored that a followup Sensation would come out with NFC….have yet to hear more on this.

  5. And the NFL team will probably SUE HTC for using the name Raider. the name really sucks

    1. They are the Raiders not the Raider so I would seriously doubt there would be any lawsuit.

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