Samsung SGH-T859 to be a T-Mobile Tablet?

A device modeled Samsung T859 has gotten WiFi certification and thanks to the certification documents, it’s been revealed as a tablet. The only thing that comes to mind is either the Tab 8.9 or Tab 10.1, of course. Its model number suggests it’ll be headed to T-Mobile, but aside from the fact that the thing will obviously have WiFi radios inside, we still don’t know much. What do you folks make of it? [Cellphone Signal]

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  • Not R

    Wasn’t there supposed to be a 7″ with LTE capability coming out?

  • billcollier

    What about the samsung player? Could this be that? If not when will the Player be here, does anyone know?

  • chris gunter

    still waiting on GB for my 7 in tab from tmobile.

    • Not R

      Why are you waiting? I flashed the Euro Rom minutes after buying my P1000 at a TMO kiosk at the mall in May. I left the mall food court with Gingerbread running like a dream. Stock Gingerbread…only in Italian…just had to change the language under system to English. This is the same procedure (minus flashing the stock T Mobile modem from XDA Developers) as you would do when it comes to America, so again, why are you waiting?

      Step-by-step video instructions on Youtube.

  • JamesS

    Another wi-fi only tablet from a carrier? Where are the people buying these? I have a bridge and some seaside property in Arizona to sell them.