Apps of the Day: Dolphin Browser for Pad and Zombie Bobbleheads


Take care of this zombie then use a browser to read up on zombie survival and the uprising in case it gets hostile. That’s what today’s apps of the day is all about. Both are free and only require a tad bit of your time and bandwidth to acquire, so go ahead and give them a shot.

Dolphin Browser for Pad – Dolphin is my, and many others’, favorite browser on the Android market. It has come quite a long way since it was released on phones and has one of the best suites of features compared to big competitors such as Opera and Firefox. Although the version of the browser for phones translated decently to tablets, they wanted to create a tablet-specific version for to take better use of the screen real estate, follow Honeycomb style and implementation guidelines and provide some other optimizations. It’s available right now as a free beta. [Market]

Zombie Bobbleheads – This game tests your hand steadiness and balance skills. Zombie Bobblehead puts a zombie in front of you. That’s awesome enough. Of course, its enlarged head is too heavy to keep upright and its frail body might keep it from being attached if it sways too far to the left or right. Your job is to make sure its head doesn’t fall off, otherwise you’re exposed to disgusting green zombie goo. No one likes zombie goo so you’d best keep his head on straight. It’s free in the market and made by one of our very own members of Give it a shot. [Market]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. how about Hive Player…the best music player for Honeycomb…optimized layout and scrollable widget for music library navigation and playback

  2. Not to happy with Dolphin pad. no way to turn on the gester option non of the addons are compatible. it seems really smooth and loads faster and better than HD. but with it lacking that and the fact the only way to acces the toolbar and bookmarks is to keep swyp on its pretty restrictive right now hope its updated soon so I can switch to it. But untill then ill use HD

    1. you can turn to the triangle button next to the address bar to turn on gesture.
      and actually you can turn to their support team if any question, that is a good way to solve your problem.
      [email protected]

  3. man yall should step it up and do game reviews! Watch mine on youtubes. I’ll do them for you!

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